UPPCS Prelims 2015 Current (Topics)

Helpline “Udyami” is meant for:
Micro, small and medium enterprises

solar power plant a 4000 MW capacity is planned to be set-up in

The ‘Nalanda-Project’ is a programme of the Ministry of:

Which among the following has launched ‘Virtual-Clusters’ web portal?
[Ministry] of Micro, small and Medium Enterprises

International Economic Organisations & India
A) W. T. O.
B) I. M. F. =To provide finance to correct equilibrium in balance of Payments.

D) I. D. A.

A new chapter on sustainable development and cliamate change was first introduced in the Economic Survey of:

 country_largest producer of copper

Who has written the book titled “faces and places” which was release by The Vice President of India in March, 2015?

Which of the following is reported to have found in march, 2015 biologically useful nitrogen on Mars?
Curiosity Rover

As reported in the journal “Tectonophysi” in March 2015, the world’s largest know asteroid impact zone is located in

Who amongst the following tookover…

Current Affairs topics/Que asked in (UPPCS 2016)

Supposing all Indian States as different countries of world in terms of HDI ranking: match these states to concerned country’s raking

 statements related to Integrated Low Cost Sanitation (ILCS) scheme:

 new schemes announced for the development of urban infrastructure?

In Which of the following years, ‘National Land Records Modernization Program’ was launched?

In India “Inclusive education for the disabled at secondary stage” scheme launched in the year 2009-10 is being provided under
Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan

 not a component of ‘Bharat Nirman’ scheme launched in 2005-06?

In Which of the following years ‘Swavlamban Scheme’ was launched?

not an objective of National Food security Mission (NFSM)?

The span of ‘Pradhan MantriAwasYojana’ is

Which actress is the brand ambassador of ‘Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan’?

winner of year 2015 Noble Prize for Physics belong to countries respectively?

After confidential meeting between National Security Advisers of India and Pakistan in Bangkok, foreign minis…

Current Affairs topics asked in (UPPCS 2017)

current events

1. World Summit for Social Development

first world summit on social development under the aegis of UNESCO

2. India’s rank in Sustainable Development Goal Index?

3. Which country was winner of FIFA confederations cup

4.  List of G20 summits

G-20 summit held in

13th= Argentina
14th= Japan, Osaka
15th,  2020= Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

17th, 2022=  India, New Delhi

First G-20 Summit was held In the Year 2008 in Washington (USA)

5. length of bridge inaugurated in =?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugrated

6. Current Affair related to Train/Railway/ Station

7. Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in which India, was inducted as a full member was held at

 full members of the organization country of the 11th BRICS summit

9. theme of 2020 World Population Day?

10.Research Centre is to be set up in

e.g. A Japanese Encephalitis Research Centre is to be set up in: (asked que)

11. [foundation] of [biggest] Global skill [park] was laid in July 2017 in

12. [web-based platform] _______was launch…

UPPCS Prelims 2018 (Topics)

As a result of global warming

example of in-situ conservation

Ultra-violet radiation from sun light

 Norman Borlaug

(a) Renneting-Cheese
(b) Genetic Engineering-Plasmids
(c) Golden rice-Vitamin A

*National Park in India- Map

Double-helical structure of DNA

Which electro magnetic radiations has the maximum energy?

Methane is emitted from

semi conductor?

 How many types of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity 

NITI Ayog?

 extra-constitutional agency

recommendations of Sarkaria Commission

Council of States has exclusive powers in relation to

Various Parts of constitution

provisions relating to citizenship?         

Which Amendment by a simple majority of its members

Grounds of Disqualification of a Member of Parliament from either House

[60 days of absence] from Parliament without permission

Which Governor General ridiculed Congress represents only a microscopic minority of people?

*Hima Das

*Mary Kom 

*brand ambassador of Some big Govt Companies

*Supreme Courts judgement regarding homosexuality

Supersonic Cr…

UPPCS 2019 Pre Ques Topics

Twinkling of stars is due to atmospheric refraction of star light.


endocrine gland as well as an exocrine gland?

Chemical Material (Chemical Formula +Composition)
China clay

Uses of Chemical Substance
Silver bromide
Silver iodide
 Milk of magnesia

medicinal plants in india
Tulsi plant


Greatest biodiversity occurs in
species diversity increases from pole to equator.

 bioindicator of air pollution

Pateurisation - Tea
Denaturation - Proteins
Reverse osmosis - Potable water

#example fo herbicide ?

a) Sodium chlorate
(b) Potassium permanganate
(c) Bleaching powder

solar energy

International Solar Alliance (I.S.A)

*Human Development Index (HDI) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) ranking of Indian State

Multidimensional poverty index

I. Wild Life (Protection) Act.
II. Biological Diversity Act
III. Project Tiger
IV. Project Elephant

 Civil Registration System (CRS)

*National Family Health Survey (NFHS) - 5

Environmental Kuznets Curve…