GK Question Asked in UP PCS Exam 2018

GK Que Asked in PCS 2018

Maharashtra = ranks first in length of roads (Length of Highways).

Green Peace International HQ= Amsterdam, Netherlands

Smog= secondary pollutant.

Incinerators =for Burning wastes

Incinerators is an apparatus for burning waste material, especially industrial waste, at high temperatures until it is reduced to ash.

Light has highest velocity.

Cosmic ray= highly energetic atomic nucleus or other particle travelling through space at a speed approaching that of light. But it's speed is less than light.

Graphene = Nano structure of carbon

>Carbon Nanostructures= fullerenes, CNTs, CNFs, graphene

#Lok Sabha= 552  [530 from states +20 from union territories + 2 from Anglo-Indian community]


*UN Department of Economic & Social Affairs= 55 % of world’s total population in urban areas.

*China= largest emitter of CO2 in 2015.

India's Rank- 4th

*The Accidental Prime Minister= Sanjaya Baru

**Global Peace Index, 2019= 141

**Minimum Support Price during 2019-1920 for paddy per quintal= Rs.1,815

*11th ‘BRICS Summit 2019 = Brazil

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