*Ancient History* one liner Que [Indus Valley Civilization]

30 most important question from Indus Valley Civilization and culture. This is very important for UPPCS, BPSC state admission preliminary exams. Most important question on indus Valley Civilization taken from previously asked question in union and state public service commissions. This is important for all exam like SSC CGL, CPO, railway.

One liner History Question [Indus Valley Civilization]

Human society is unique because= culture

Indus Civilization= Early historical age.

Indus valley civilization was none Aryan because= urban civilization

Important reason to keep Indus Valley Civilization before Aryan civilization= Potteries

Source of knowledge about inhabitants of Indus valley civilization = Utensils, jewellery, weapons, tools

Earliest evidence of silver in India= Harappan culture

Red colour= used in Harappan pottery    -

Beginning of Idol worshipPre Aryan

CowNot represented on seals & Terracotta art of Harappan culture.

>>Elephants, rhinoceros, tiger, deer, sheep= depicted on seals & Terracotta art.

▪Lothal= Dockyard
▪Kali bangan= ploughed field

▪Dholavira  = an inscription comprising 10 large sized signs of Harappan script.

▪Banawali= terracotta replica of a plough

plughed field= KaliBangan

▪Harappa= Ravi river

▪nagarjunakonda= krishna river

Kalibangan=  Ghaggar river
▪Lothal= bhogwa river

*▪Ropar= Satluj river


Great bath= Mohen jodaro

▪Alamgirpur= Uttar Pradesh

Kali bangan= Rajasthan (hanumangarh district)

▪Ropar= Punjab

Banawali= Haryana

▪Dimabad= maharashtra

▪Rakhi garhi- haryana( hisar district)

Largest site of Harappa in India= Rakhigarhi (haryana)

>>Rakhigarhi in Haryana= 2nd largest site (after Mohenjodaro) in indus Valley Civilization.

>> Dholavira= 2nd largest site of harappa Civilization.

Mohenjodaro >Rakhigarhi> Dholavira

Indus valley people worshipped= Shiva (or Rudra)

Harappa=   Dayaram Sahani

Lothal= S R Rao

Surkotada= JP Joshi

Dholavira- RS Bisht JP Joshi

Banawali= RS Bisht

evidence of Rock cut architectureDholavira

Kalibangan= valley of Ghaggar. 

On bank of river Nile= Egyptian civilization

▪ Nile river is also known as lifeline of Egypt

Remains of LionNot discovered in Indus valley civilization.

▪Evidence of cow + elephant have been found. 

>some dispute regarding horse, latest excavation has revealed evidence of horse.

Bull sealMohenjo Daro

Horse = NOT depicted on Harappan seal.

>Horse = known to people of harappan civilization but no evidence where found on seals.

▪Animals found on seals were-
>One horned bull (most common),
>Buffalo + Goat,
>elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, deer, sheep

Cotton was first cultivated= India =excavation of Mohenjo Daro.

>India= 3000 BC 
>Egypt= 2500 BC.

Harappan site sonauli.=Human burials

Dholavira= divided into 3 parts.

Sumerian= develop art of writing in a proper system.

Cuneiform tripped up sumeria= earliest system of writing.

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