Geography One Liners (NCERT Geography) IAS Prelims MCQ

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One Liners Geography For UPSC IAS

*1.Environment-originated from- French Language.

2.Ecosystem- The community of organisms as well as environment in which they live.

 3.First country to produce Hydroelectricity- Norway

4. Viticulture - Grapes

*5.Huge tidal mill farms- in which Indian region? -Gulf of Kuchh

7.First state in India to make roof top rainwater harvesting legally compulsory- Tamil Nadu

8. Largest producer of bauxite in India- Odisha

9. National highway is known as Grand Trunk Road- NH 1

>also known as- Shershah Suri Marg [connect Delhi & Amritsar]

10. National Highway Varanasi to  KanyakumariNH 7 [2369 km]

Geography One Liners- UPPSC Exam Asked Questions

1.Total area of India 3.28 million sq km.

2. Latitudinal extent - 8°4` N-  37° 6`N
Longitudinal extent-  68° 7` East - 97° 25` East

3. Area of India is 2.4 % of total area of world.

population is 17.5 % (as per Census 2011)

5.According to census 2011 total number of villages in India is

*7).70° East longitude passes through Jaisalmer, rajasthan

8. Tropic of Cancer passes through 8 Indian states 

[Mizoram,  Tripura, jharkhand, chhattisgarh, madhya Pradesh, rajasthan, gujarat]

9. Which latitude divides India into almost two equal parts-

[23°30` North latitude]

>also known as Tropic of Cancer.

10. Length of day in June increases with northward movement of Sun from equator.

>>In month of June, day duration increases on moving northward.

# So out of Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhopal, Delhi,>>>>>> Delhi is most Northern located among these places, so length of day will be maximum in Delhi in the month of June.

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