Environment & Ecology One Liners UPPSC, State Civil Services

Environment & Ecology One Liners UPPSC, State Civil Services

This post include most important one liners Environment & Ecology question which were previously asked in various state civil services exam like UPPSC, PBSC.

*1. Environment protection Act of India was enacted in-

2. World Environment Day is celebrated on
-5 June

*3. Earth Summit was held at
-Rio de janeiro


>also known as the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit, the Rio Summit, the Rio Conference.

>United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)

4. Which noble gas is not present in air

5. N.E.A. stand for-
National Environment authority

National Environment Agency_a statutory board
6. Eco mark is given to an Indian product which is
-Environment friendly

7. EPA stands for
-Environment protection agency

US EPA - United States Environmental Protection Agency

*8.Headquarter of UNEP (united Nations environment programme) is located at

- Nairobi (Kenya)

*9. Headquarter of world Meteorological organisation
- geneva (17 March, 1951)

*10. National green tribunal (NGT) was established by govt of India which year?
- 2010

*11. Environment protection Act (EPA) also known as
- umbrella legislation

*12. The term ecosystem was proposed by
- A.G. tansley (in 1935)

13. Ecology is the study of relationship between
- Organism and environment

*14. Who is the author of  'Green Development'
-W.M. Adams

**15. Earth Summit +5 was held in
- 1997 (New York)

*16. world environment conference (1997) was organised in
-Kyoto, japan

>1st United Nations Climate Change conference_held in _1995 in Berlin

1995: COP 1, Berlin, Germany
1996: COP 2, Geneva, Switzerland
1997: COP 3, Kyoto, Japan

2019: COP 25/CMP 15/CMA 2, Santiago, Chile

17. In a food chain, Man is
- primary as well as secondary consumer.

18. Ten percent law is related with

- Transfer of energy as food from one trophic Level to other.

*19. In Marine environment, the main primary producer are

- Phyto Planktons (also known as microalgae)

20. Tropic level-1 includes
- Autotrophs (e.g. such as plants on land or algae in water) or the producers (e.g. Green plants)

21. Biomass pyramid is reversed in which type of ecosystem
- Pond

22. Which organisms is likely to show highest concentration of DDT, it has been introduced into ecosystem

- Tertiary consumers (e.g. Snake)

23. Lentic ecosystem refers to

- Static water habitats like ponds, lakes, swamps and marshes

24. Example of "Lentic Habitat" in the freshwater community is

- Ponds & Swamps

25. Lotic ecosystem refers to
- Dynamic water habitats like rivers

26. Transitional zone between two distinct communities-
- Ecotone

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