Computer GK: One Liner Questions (CCC, Railway JE, Bank) Part 2

Computer GK: One Liner Questions

*>First Modern Computer in the World- ENIAC

>Founder of WWW – Tim Berners-Le

>Founder of Bluetooth – Ericsson

>Founder of Yahoo – Jurry Yang & David Filo

>founder of microsoft- Paul Allen, Bill Gates

>Father of Java - James Gosling

*>First Commercial Computer – UNIVAC

>Input Devices-  BCR, OMR, OCR, Light Pen, Joysticks

>Output Device- Plotter


ROM (Read Only Memory)- we can only read but cannot write on it.

MROM (Masked ROM)

PROM (Programmable ROM)

EPROM (Erasable and Programmable ROM)

EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable ROM)


Bit - 0,1
1 Nibble - 4 Bits
1 Byte - 8 Bits

1 KB (Kilo Byte) - 1024 Bytes

Operating System- it enables computer hardware to communicate and operate with the computer software.

MAC address- Media Access Control 
>MAC address is usually stored in ROM

Bandwidth- Every line has an upper limit and a lower limit on the frequency of signals it can carry.

Bookmark -Ctrl + D

Bounce -A description of what occurs when an e-mail message returns back to the sender as undeliverable.

Buffer- a temporary storage in memory that stores information while processing other information.

>>Number System<<
1) Binary Number System- 0 and 1

2) Octal number system-  8 digits from 0 to 7

3) Decimal number system- 10 digits from 0 to 9

*4) Hexadecimal number system- 16 alphanumeric values from 0 to 9 and A to F


>>M.S.Word/ Excel Shortcuts with CTRL from A-Z<<

CTRL + A = Select text 
CTRL + B = Bold text
CTRL + C = Copy text
CTRL + E = Centre text

CTRL + F = Find a phrase

CTRL + L = Left align text
CTRL + R = Right align text

CTRL + V = Paste text
CTRL + X = Cut text

CTRL + Y = Redo an action previously undone
CTRL + Z = Undo a previous action


>>M.S Excel shortcut keys<<
F2 = edit the selected cell 
F7 = spell check of the selected text
F11= Create the chart

CTRL+SHIFT+ ;= enter the current time
CTRL+; = Enter the current date
CTRL+F9= Minimize the current window


>>>One Liners<<<
Which device is used for dividing a network into segments- Switch 

Which area in an Excel window allows entering values and formulas- Formula Bar

Fax machines and imaging systems are examples of- Scanning devices

*The particular field of a record that uniquely identifies each record is called the key field.

Booting is the process when the computer is turned on and the operating system is loading. 

*Numbers in table columns are usually- Right Alignment

*Character in table columns are usually- Left Alignment

To combine two or more cells into a single cell is called – Merging 

*The first computers were programmed using- : Machine language.

When communication in both directions and both the devices can simultaneously transmit the data known as- Full duplex

*Collaborative software: Groupware, such as Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange.

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