Computer GK: Microsoft Excel One Liners: Part 1

Computer GK : Microsoft Excel One Liners GK

[Spread Sheet]- is a software tool- which is used to enter, calculate, manipulate & analyse set of numbers.

An array of cells- called- [Sheet or Work Sheet]

[Workbook] -a document, contains one or more worksheet.

[Cell Pointer] - is active cell or selected cell,  highlighted by a bolder rectangle.

Letter & number of intersecting column and row: [Cell address]

All Excel formula begin with [ = ] sign.

[Charts] - graphical & pictorial representation of worksheet data.

[Macros] - to define a sequence of actions to perform, that can be executed again & again.

>A macro is an automated input sequence.

Each new Workbook in Excel has [Three] worksheets by default.

A cell in which we are currently working is called [ Active cell]


# Which shortcut key used to edit the selected cell?

# Which shortcut key- to create chart in MS-Excel?


*Shortcut key to repeat last action in MS-Excel?



Which key - for number in currency format?

Ctrl + Shift + 4

Format number in percentage format
Ctrl + Shift + 5

# Format number in time format?

Ctrl + Shift + 2

Key to format number in date format?
Ctrl + Shift + 3

# "Ctrl + -" is used to Delete selected row or column.


to open Excel formula Window?
Shift + F3

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