Quiz 2: GK Questions in English One Liners (SSC, Railway)

GK Questions in English One Liners for SSC, Railway (RRB)

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*Terracotta ‘plough’ was found from which Harappan site

Kalinga’s King Kharvela was associated with- 
MahaMeghaVahana dynasty

*Persian traveller Abdur Razzaq came to India in___of Vijayanagara Empire Deva Raya 

Robert Clive introduced in diarchy system in Bengal.

*'All India Kisan Sabha' was founded in 1936 AD.

Founder: Sahajanand Saraswati

All India Kisan Sabha (All India Peasants Union), also known as the Akhil Bharatiya Kisan Sabha

>It was an important peasant movement formed by Sahajanand Saraswati in 1936

Transport/organ            Purpose
a. *Stomata -                Transpiration
b. Xylem-                  Transport of water
c. Root hairs-           Absorption of water
d. Phloem -               Transport of food

**Bacteria is in Monera group.

Eyes must be removed within 6 hours after the death for eye donation.

*Bronze= Copper + Tin.

*There is a circular coil having n turns. The field produced is n times larger than produced by a coil of single turn.

Density of water decreases when it freezes.

*DD is called a ‘banker’s cheque’

*The place where bankers meet & settle their mutual claims and accounts~ Clearing House.

*Finance Ministry formulates~ fiscal policy.

{Monitory policy_RBI}

Zero Base Budgeting in India~first experimented from 1987.

[involves preparing the budget from the scratch with a zero-base.]

Factors which determine ‘Individual’s demand’ of a product are:
>price of a commodity
>income of the consumer
>taste and Preference of consumer

*The concept of Public Interest Litigation (PIL)- originated in USA

[Litigation~the process of taking legal action.]

Mission of Ramsar Convention ~ to conserve wetland.
>an international treaty for conservation & sustainable use of wetlands.

Guru Shikhar Peak is located in Rajasthan.

***Tropic of Capricorn does pass through Australia, Brazil & Chile
>It also Pass through Paraguay & Argentina

*Australia ~ world’s largest reserves of Uranium

New name of Jog or Gerosoppa waterfall~ Mahatma Gandhi Waterfall.

According to World Wide Fund, River Ganges ~one of ten most endangered rivers in world.

First Indian to get selected in ICS~ Satyendra Nath Tagore.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy established Atmiya Sabha, socio-religious reforms in Bengal.

*Most Buddhist texts were written in Pali language

**“The Unseen Indira Gandhi” is written by Dr. K.P. Mathur.

Normal range of breathing rate per minute in an average adult person at rest is 12 – 18.

Internal fertilization occurs inside female body

*The eye lens forms inverted and real image on retina.

Influenza disease is caused by virus.

Lime stone, chalk and marble are the form of calcium carbonate
>But lime water is a form of calcium hydroxide.

Nitrogen is most electronegative among Arsenic, Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

*Real gas can work as an ideal gas under low pressure & high temperature condition.

Refractive angle is 90° for critical angle.

Light ray goes from denser to rarer medium for critical angle.

To hear a distinct echo, the time interval between the original sound and reflected sound must be at least 0.1 seconds.

*An electric generator works on principle of electromagnetic induction.

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