Quiz 3: Science GK Questions One Liners (SSC, Railway)

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Science GK Questions in English One Liners (SSC, Railway)

electric motor converts electric energy into mechanical energy.

An electric generator works on the principle of electromagnetic induction.
>Electric generator converts motive power (mechanical energy) into electrical power for use in an external circuit

*Magnetic field at center of a long circular coil carrying current will be parallel straight lines.

*When the direction of motion of coil is perpendicular to the electromagnetic field, then the value of induced current is maximum.

*Horizontal heat transfer within a environment is called as advection.

>Convection heat transfer- involves the transfer of heat through the movement of the medium’s particles. This medium must be a gas or liquid, thereby allowing for movement. Convection always transfers heat in the vertical plane.

>Advection- movement of heat is confined to the horizontal plane. requires an outside force, such as wind or currents, to displace the particles of the medium.

*Solderlead and tin.

*Iron rusts because of redox reaction.

A single product is formed from two or more reactants in combination chemical reaction.

*A person with hypermetropia cannot see nearby objects clearly.
>light rays coming from infinity are focused behind the retina.
>Corrected by using convex lens.

Mature ovary changes to fruit of the plants.

DNA & protein is present in a chromosome.

>Chromosome is a threadlike structure of nucleic acids & protein found in the nucleus of most living cells, carrying genetic information in the form of genes.

Asthma patient can donate eyes 

AIDS patient and acute leukemia patient cannot donate eyes.

>Leukemia is also called: blood cancer.
>Leukaemia is cancer of blood-forming tissues, including bone marrow. 
> Bone marrow is the primary site of new blood cell production or hematopoiesis.

# vaccine for smallpox= Edward Jenner.

*Direction of magnetic field lines in a magnet is North Pole to South Pole.

**Speed of a proton cannot change while it moves freely in magnetic field.

Stethoscope works on reflection of sound principle.

Brasscopper and zinc metals.

#Rayon is obtained from wood pulp.

Fuel, air and heat are requirements for producing fire.

*Vitamin D is made at a higher rate in our body.

                    (Respiration Source)
Diaphragm- Chest cavity

Fish-    Gills
Frog-   Lungs and skin
Cockroach - Spiracles

Flower_usual reproductive part of a plant.

# Most frogs are oviparous animals.
>Oviparous animals are animals that lay eggs.

Hydra reproduce by Budding.
>Other exp of budding: baker's yeast.

>Budding: asexual reproduction, new organism develops from a bud due to cell division.

>Amoeba = binary fission.

>Asexual reproduction_in nearly half of the animal phyla.

>Fragmentation: New organism grows from a fragment of the parent.

>A starfish regrowing from a single arm


Internal fertilisation takes place in hens.

>Internal fertilization- union of an egg cell with a sperm during sexual reproduction inside the body of a parent.

A person having hypermetropia has to keep a reading material at 25 cm for comfortable reading.

>Pneumonia spread through the air 

>cholera does not spread through the air.

**>Pneumonia- an infection of  lungs. It normally starts with a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection.

# The examples of exothermic reaction are:
>burning of natural gas.
>decomposition of vegetable matter into compost.

#Silver chloride, silver bromide and silver iodide are used in black and white photography.

*Boron shows exception to the Octet rule.

> Two elements that most commonly fail to complete an octet are boron & aluminum.

>Octet rule refers to the tendency of atoms to prefer to have eight electrons in the valence shell.

>Only noble gases have zero charge with filled valence octets. All of the other elements have a charge when they have eight electrons all to themselves.

>Only s and p electrons are involved in the octet rule.
>An octet corresponds to an electron configuration ending with s2p6.

Suspension is a heterogeneous mixture.


Common-cold, AIDS, dengue fever -caused by virus Tuberculosis- caused by bacteria.

*Fleming’s right hand rule- movement of conductor; magnetic field & induced current = perpendicular to each other.

Fahrenheit and Celsius scales are equal at the numerical value of temperature is –40°.

*The resistance of a metal conductor is directly proportional to its length.

*While moving from one end to another end inside a solenoid, its magnetic field remains same.

Silicon is semiconductor.


Ionic compounds have high melting and boiling points.

Carbon compounds are poor conductor of electricity.

*Carbon compounds have low melting and boiling point.

# Seven (7) hydrogen atoms are present in chloropropane.

>Important Topic: (Nomenclature of organic compound)

Science GK Questions

# To neutralize too acidic soil, both quick and slaked lime is used.

*Carbon, chromium, nickel and manganese elements are present in stainless steel.

Ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide are inorganic gas whereas methane is an organic gas.


# Bryophyllum can be produced by its leaves.

Change in focal length of an eye lens is caused by the action of the ciliary muscle.

*Fungi do not perform photosynthesis.

# Monera are unicellular.

>Monera kingdom= unicellular organisms with a prokaryotic cell organization, such as bacteria.

*Fungi have cell wall.

Minamata and Itai–Itai diseases are caused by metal toxicity 

Dermatitis disease ~inflammation of the skin.


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