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RPF SI (GK+ Current Affairs) Asked Questions & Detailed Answer

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5th Jnuary. 2019

Mahmud Begada or Mahmud Shah I~ Gujarat.

Placer deposit~accumulation of valuable minerals  in bedrock.

Greenland ~North America
Capital: Nuuk

modern olympic games~ 16 days

(Beehad) Ravines ~Chambal Rivers

R.S. Sarkaria {3 Member committee}~ centre state relations

Inter-State Council
 Non-permanent constitutional body set up by a presidential order~ {on recommendation of Sarkaria Commission}

Article 263 

Founded: 1990

Veerabhadra temple, Lepakshi~ Andhra Pradesh. {Lepakshi Temple}

El Niño~ when sea surface temperatures in tropical Pacific Ocean rise to above-normal levels.

La Niña~ when sea surface temperatures in central Pacific drop to lower-than-normal levels.

Khashaba Jadhav~wrestler {bronze medal,1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki.}

Antibiotic युक्त Chlorine सूक्ष्मजीओ युक्त मिट्टी से_ treat meningitis, plague, cholera & typhoid fever.~Chloramphenicol

*ITTF: International Table Tennis Federation
Headquarters‎: Lausanne, Switzerland

ITF: International Tennis Federation
Headquarters‎: ‎London, UK

First Administrative Reforms Commission, 1966_chaired by Morarji Desai

 >development of an embryo from an unfertilized egg cell.
>asexual reproduction
>reproduction from an ovum without fertilization.


one of two main (other being Theravada) existing branches of Buddhism.


Udyog Aadhaar Scheme- helps small enterprises register themselves under Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME)

SI Unit of Viscosity:
>Sq metre per second (m2/s)

>Viscosity: measure of a fluid's resistance to flow, internal friction of a moving fluid.

Mariana Trench
 western Pacific Ocean (near Japan)

First modern Olympic Games
>Held in [Athens, Greece]
>On [April 6, 1896]

>International Olympic Committee met for first time in Paris in June 1984 & chose Greece as the site of the inaugural modern Olympiad.

>Modern Olympic games were inspired by ancient Olympic Games, which were held in Olympia, Greece.

What type of grid pattern was observed in indus valley?
highly uniform & well-planned grid pattern

Hornbill festival is ccelebrated in which state?
>b/w 1 and 7 December every year
> [Kohima, Nagaland]

Decathlon consists of how many events?
>10 events
> four track and six field events

Who started the chishti order?
>Moinuddin Chishti
>Lahore (Punjab), Ajmer (Rajasthan), 
>in middle of 12th century CE

Trans-siberian train connects Moscow with which city?
>Far-East city of [Vladivostok]

>Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world.

Chairman of the National Development Council (NDC)
>Nrendra Modi


>NDC is an extra-constitutional and non-statutory body

>established-  1952

>Chief Ministers of all the States, all Cabinet Ministers, Chief Ministers/administrators of all Union Territories are its member

>Prime Minister of India is  ex-officio Chairman of National Development Council.

 >Who gives final approval to the Five Year Plan of India- [National Development Council]

>Motive of the National Development Council
(a) Receiving cooperation from states in implementation of a plan.
(b) Arrangement of resources for success of any plan.
(c) Promote balanced development in the country.

>Who is NOT the member of the NDC?
[Governor of the State]

>NDC meeting should be held at least 2 times in a year.


Relay term, which sports?
>athletics (Relay race)

Typhoid fever
>caused by-  Salmonella typhi bacteria

>through contaminated food and water
>Treatment- Antibiotics

Where is Leepakshi Temple?
>The Veerabhadra temple of Lepakshi,
>‎Ananthapur, ‎Andhra Pradesh
>It is an example of Vijayanagara architectural style

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