CGPSC Prelims 2019 (Questions Paper) Answer

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CGPSC Prelims Questions Answer 2019 

MalanjkhandBalaghat district, M.P.= Copper ore

Soyabean =Madhya Pradesh


Major regions that produce oilseeds.

[Gujarat]= Groundnut

>Rajasthan= Rapeseed + Mustard

>Karnataka= Sunflower.

population of Scheduled Tribes largest= Madhya Pradesh

'Satya Shodhak Samaj'= Jyotiba Phule

*Department of Archaeological Survey
Archaeological Survey =1861Alexander Cunningham.
{Ministry of Culture}

Expansion of Buddhism= Harshavardhan Kanishka {Kushan dynasty}+ Ashoka

>Pushyamitra Sunga =NOT towards expansion of Buddhism. =came after Brihadratha Maurya.

Road from East Bengal to Peshawar =Sadak-E-Azam= Sher Shah

Grand Trunk Road= GT Road, Sher Shah Suri Marg, Uttarapath, Badshahi Sadak, Sadak-e-Azam


Grand Trunk Road= one of Asia's oldest & longest major roads= founded around = 3rd century BCE by Mauryan Empire.

predecessor of modern road rebuilt by= Sher Shah Suri = who renovated & extended ancient Mauryan route in 16th century.

City of Agra= Sikander Lodi

Newspaper by Mahatma Gandhi in South AfricaThe Indian Opinion= [1903]

*Measures of distribution of income = Lorenz Curve

>cumulative % of total national income= plotted against cumulative% of corresponding population.

**aboliton of tax rebates under Section 88= Kelkar Committee

>a committee set up to study & evaluate extant public-private partnership (PPP) model in India.

>Vijay Kelkar Committee (2002) Recommendations on Direct Taxes

Economic Survey of IndiaMinistry of Finance

Released a day before Budget. prepared by= chief economic adviser in finance ministry.

*Ray of light travels from= denser medium to rarer medium then
it speeds up & bends away from normal.

Basic difference between an AC generator &  DC generator=

AC generator has slip rings + DC generator has a commutator

>DC generator uses a split-ring commutator.


>Slip-rings=  smooth + uninterrupted surfaces. =Almost No possibility of short circuit

>generate very high voltages.

>Commutators + brushes wear out very quickly= thus short circuit is possible in commutator.

>generate comparatively lower voltages.

English= NOT included in VIII Schedule.

legislative power of the President= To promulgate ordinance

Restrictions in freedom to manage religious affairs in Article 26=
Subject to public order morality + health.

Adult Suffrage (Voting's right)= Article 326

'Equal Protection of Law'= Article 14


Article 361= President, or Governor of a state= not answerable to any court .


*Halam Tribes= Tripura

'Bio Diversity Act' in India= 2002= Biological Diversity Act, 2002

**A microbial insecticideBacillus thuringiensis (Bt), soil-dwelling bacterium.

>used in organic farming= used for natural insect control.

Geo stationary satellite revolves at= At fixed height

>Altitude approximately= 35,800 kilometers=directly over equator.

>revolves in same direction the earth rotates (west to east).

>orbit takes 24 hours

Vinaya Patrika[Tulsidas]

>Hanuman Chalisa + Ramcharitmanas Vinaya Patrika

Ramanandi SampradayaHindu sects India+ Tulsidas was a member.

Indian Institute of Remote sensingDehradun

Bhoramdeo Temple= Chhattisgarh= God Shiva

Bastar Dashahara75 days

*Doctrine of Apurva = Mimamsa

>Apurva literally means ‘not existing previously'.

*Nyaya Philosophy{Gautam}


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