Plant Physiology: Biology GK One Liners

1. Which crop _preferred for sowing_to enrich soil with nitrogen ?

2.Which is necessary for respiration in plants ?

>during respiration, the plant needs oxygen and glucose, which are both produced through photosynthesis.

**3.Which_ bacterium involved in denitrification ?

>denitrification- reduction of nitrates or nitrites by bacteria (as in soil) that usually results in the escape of nitrogen into the air.

*4. Indian scientist who proposed_theory for long distance transport of water in plants?
[J C Bose]

5.Photosynthetically active radiation is represented by the range of wavelength of
[400-700 nm]

*6.Which nutrient is a structural component of cell wall of plants? 

7. Excessive elongation of plant stem is due to
[Gibberellin]- GA


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