Tissue: Biology One Liners GK

1). Blood, phloem and muscle are 

2). The two kidney shaped cells of the stomata are called
[guard cells]

>A stoma is a tiny opening or pore.
>The pore is formed by two kidney shaped cells known as guard cells 

3.The hard matrix of the bone consists of
[calcium and phosphorous]

4).Which of the following helps in translocation of food is plants?

**5). In plants, which tissue is dead ?

>Sclerenchyma tissues are found in hard parts of plant body.

>matured cells becomes dead due to deposition of secondary walls. They give mechanical support, strength and rigidity to the plant body.

6).Which of the following bast fibres is of great commercial value?

Bast- fibrous material from a plant,

7).Main function of inner bark of a woody plant is to
[transport food from the leaves to the other parts of the plant]

>Inner bark of a woody plant is phloem.

*8).Meristematic tissues are found in
[in all growing tips of the plant body]
>found in zones of the plant where growth can take place.

9). Which help in repair of tissue and fills up the space inside the organ?

>It is loose and cellular connective tissue.

**10).Certain parts of a plant can be bent easily without breaking

>This flexibility in certain parts, like leaf and stem, can be attributed to the abundance of-


>It provides malleability and flexibility to certain parts of the plants.

*11).Which type of cell junction is NOT found in animal tissues?

Following types of cell junction is found in animal tissues-
(a) Desmosome (b)Tight junction (c) Gap junction

12).Bone marrow is absent in

13). The hump of camel is made up of which tissues?
[Adipose tissue]

*14). Pernicious anaemia is due to-

>Anemia in which body is not capable of producing adequate amounts RBC
>Pernicious anemia is also known as vitamin B12 deficiency anemia.

*15).Which of the following are bone forming cells?

16). The haemoglobin content per 100 ml of blood of a normal healthy human adult is
[12 - 16 g

>about 15 gm/100 mL
17). Which live tissues of the Human Eye does not have blood vessels?

*18). Which is NOT a micronutrient for a plant?

>Micronutrient for a plant-
[Boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum (Mo), zinc, nickel and chloride]
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