Modern History (Important Question Series) Part 1

1 August= Non-Cooperation Movement announced formally.

*September 1920, Congress special session= Calcutta
Lala Lajpat Rai.

Gandhi-Irwin Pact= March

First Round Table
Chaired by PM Ramsay MacDonald

inaugurated by King (George V)

My strongest bulwark is gone= Gandhi= death of [Bal Gangadhar Tilak]

*Thrice President of INC = Dadabhai Naoroji 
Culcutta- 1886
Lahore- 1893

Culcutta- 1906

Extremist Turned Spiritualist[Aurobindo Ghose]

*Gandhi gave title 'Deen Bandhu' to C F Andrews.

Slogan Inquilab Zindabad (इंक़िलाब ज़िन्दाबाद)= by [Hasrat Mohani]

>popularized by [Bhagat Singh]

[Dadabhai Naoroji] exploitative nature of British rule= Bleeding India White.


'Newspaper' of Annie Besant= New India

*It is not reforms but re-formBC Pal

A subject people has no soul= Lajpat Rai

Dyarchy introduced on 1921 in province= till 1937

Satyagraha Sabha = Gandhi at Bombay

*Khilafat Movement = organised by Ali Brothers
{Shaukat Ali+ Ali Jauhar + Abul Kalam Azad}

Khilafat Movement =to protest against injustice done to

***Where did Gandhi call the Congress Working Committee to
announce the suspension of Non-Cooperation movement?

*who died as political prisoner in Lahore prison?
Jatindra Nath Das >>Hunger strike

Vaikom Satyagraha- 1924 >>To fight intouchability in Kerala

On 1st April, 1924, Satyagraha withdrwan temporarily following Gandhiji's advise.

Bardoli Satyagraha= 1928

2nd Round Table conference= September, 1931
Lord Wellingdon

Winston Churchill _called Gandhi a “Naked Seditious Fakir“.

Sarojini Naidu represented Indian women.

>Sole outcome= widening of gap b/w Congress & minorities. 

>Except Sikhs, all of minorities (including Dalits) wanted separate electorates.

Permanent settlement =Cornwallis in Bengal_known as
Zamindari System >>1793.

first Indian ruler to apply western methods to his administration?
Tipu Sultan


*Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929

Girls at 14 years & boys at 18 years=known as the Sarda Act, after its sponsor Harbilas Sarda.

*Nawab of Awadh= capital from Faizabad to Lucknow

*Govind Dhondu Pant, AKA Nanasahebsuccessor of
Peshwa Baji Rao II

Zamindari Association= renamed Landholders’ Societyin 1837

>First organisation of Bengal with distinct political object.

Social reformer= bridge b/w past and future
Raja Ram Mohun Roy

*Deccan Riots of 1874-75 in Maharashtra =against Moneylenders

Kanhu + Sidhuproclaim end of the Company's rule

Santhal Rebellion in Bihar (1855-56)


Major tribal uprisings

Kol Rebellion (1832) >> Chhotanagpur area

*Santhal Hul (1855)
Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal

>first rebellion in 1854= Bir Singh
>2nd rebellion in June 1855= Sidhu+ Kanhu.

*Munda Ulgulan (1899 – 1900)>> Chotanagpur area.


Earliest & best known mutinies before Revolt of 1857
Indian Soldiers Mutiny at Vellore (1806)

*Jyotirao Phuleuntouchability & caste system + women's emancipation.

Books= Gulamgiri +Shetkarayacha Aasud

Social reformer of Maharashtra =Pen name lokhitwadi
Gopal Hari Deshmukh

*Kuka Movement- Punjab

Upto 100


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