Biology Quiz 1 (SSC, Railway Exam) One Liners MCQ


1. Medulla oblongata
>regulates digestive system

>All kinds of involuntary reflexes

>respiratory and cardiovascular activities.

>maintaining coordination between various body movements

>control of heartbeats, blood vessels, breathing, sailvery secreation

2. Plastocyanin
a copper-containing protein involved in electron-transfer

3. Radial symmetry_ identical body halves around central axis.

Exp_Sea anemone

>a sessile animal {fixed in one place, immobile}

4. Plant disease

Citrus Canker_ bacterial disease
leaves, stems, and fruit of citrus trees, including lime, oranges, and grapefruit.

Rust of Wheat _fungal disease

Yellow vein Mosaic of bhindi_ viral disease 

5. Cockroach has open vascular system. _i.e. blood vessels in the cockroach is poorly developed.

Vascular system, also called circulatory system, is made up of _vessels that carry blood and lymph through the body.

6. The meibomian glands (or tarsal glands)_ Eyes

Rose petals are used for making gulkand_a commonly used ingredient in Indian Paan.


Some Important Plant Disease

1) Ring disease_  Wilt of Potato


2). large yellow spot appears on the leaves
Bacterial Blight

>disease of barley 

>large yellow spots appear on leaves that eventually turn brown.

3). Chlorophyll get destroyed and leaves get shrinked
Mosaic disease of tobacco

4). Disease in which leaves, branches, fruits all are affected?
Citrus Canker

5). Bacterial blight of Rice disease _which bacteria?
 Xanthomonas oryzae bacteria

6). Bunchy top of banana plant disease _Virus

>Banana bunchy top virus



1. Venous heart

>venous heart_only receives blood from veins and pumps it directly to the gills for oxygenation. 

2. 'digestive bag' in the cell?

also called ‘suicidal cell’.

3. Kala-azar
sand fly

>protozoan parasite_Leishmania

>bite of a sand fly.

4. tsetse fly_ Sleeping sickness

5. No blood, but respires

6. Black death is

8. Example of parasitic algae

>common name_red rust

9. Conglobated gland_a leaf like structure
male cockroaches 

Conglobate gland of male cockroaches is a reproductive organ.

10. Which fungi_‘bread mould’?


9 July, 2019

1. Phototropic movement
produced in the stem tip_promotes cell elongation. 

2. In plants water is absorbed by the root hairs by a process 

3. The locomotion of insects to the source of light is called

>Phototropism_plant tropisms or movements which respond to external stimuli.

>Growth towards a light source is called positive phototropism, _ growth away from light is called negative phototropism.


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