Geography One Liners Quiz (To The Point)

Study of rock~ Petrology.

Angular distance of a point (on Earth's surface)_ measured in degrees (from centre of Earth)


Besides the equator, four other parallels are following-

*Arctic Circle~ 66° 34′ North

Tropic of Cancer~ 23° 26' N

Tropic of Capricorn~ 23° 26′ S

Antarctic Circle~ 66° 34′ S


*Angular distance_ East or west of Prime Meridian~ Longitude

>imaginary lines which run around Earth vertically (up & down) and meet at North & South Poles.

#Prime meridian is a meridian (a line of longitude)_at which longitude is defined to be .

**Line that passes through 180 degree East or West Meridian of longitude _ opposite side of Greenwich Meridian~ International Date Line.

**0 degree longitude that passes through Greenwich near London~Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

imaginary line_ from pole to pole & perpendicular to Equator~ Meridian.

Earth_greatest distance from Sun ~ Aphelion.

Moon _greatest distance from Earth ~ Apogee.

*Anticlock in Northern Hemisphere & clockwise in Southern Hemisphere~Tornado.


Upto 20

*equal depth in sea~ Isobaths

fertile soil _ UP, Punjab, Haryana & Bihar~ Alluvial soil.

*soil suitable_cotton, wheat, oil seeds & tobacco~ Black soil

Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas & Sutlej_ tributaries of ~ Indus.

**Largest producer of Mica~ China.

[NelloreAndhra Pradesh~ largest producer of Mica.]

One horned Rhino~ Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary,  Assam

Sariska sanctuary~ Rajasthan.

Caspian Sea (Russia)~ largest salt water lake

Lake Superior (Canada)~ largest fresh water lake.

*Smallest ocean ~ Arctic ocean.


upto que 40

currency of Argentina? Peso.

Parliament of Russia~ Duma.

 City of Seven Hills? Rome.

*North Korea & South Korea~ 38th parallel.

Sugar Bowl of World~ Cuba.

'Willy willies' ~North-West Australian waters

*A bowl-shaped depression created by glacial erosion~ Cirque

**cyclone_wind blows spirally: Towards the centre of low pressure

Comets are luminous celestial bodies moving around Sun


Comets are celestial bodies moving about solar system in_elliptical orbits _a long shining tail

>snowballs of frozen gases, rock and dust that orbit the Sun.

>when passing close to the Sun, warms and begins to release gases, a process called outgassing.


first atomic bomb in 1945 Hiroshima

Earth is elliptical because of~ centrifugal force of rotation

Equatorial radius of earth~ 6400 km

*Polar diameter of Earth is shorter than equatorial diameter by~43 km

2nd largest island in world~ New Guinea

Tropical cyclone_Philippines, Japan & China seas~ Typhoons

*circumference of the earth~ 40,000 km

*Capital & seaport of Philippines~ Manila

Sun rises in east and sets in west due to~ Rotation of Earth on its axis

For difference of 1 hour_ longitudinal distance= 15 degree

**A day is added when a man crosses_ International Date Line from East to West

{International Date Line_ from prime meridian (0° longitude) or about 180° east (or west) of Greenwich}

*Tropical cyclone_ Pressure decreases towards center & wind moves anticlockwise direction in northern hemisphere~  True

total geographical area of world_ India~ 2.4 percent

Indian wild life_ flying fox is a~  Bat


upto Que 80

Shompen tribe~ Nicobar Islands

*Buddhist site Tabo Monastery~ Himachal Pradesh

Virupaksha templeHampi

Strait of MalaccaMalaysia & Indonesian island of Sumatra

{shipping channel b/w Indian Ocean & Pacific Ocean}

Basin countries
Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

Sutlej river Does NOT originate in India.

Cape Canaveral {from where space shuttles are launched} located in~ Florida

Ursha Major, Orion, Scorpio, Ursa Minor_ examples of~

**Spinning neutron star which emits radio waves ~ Pulsar

Revolve round Sun_ b/w orbits of Mars & Jupiter~ Asteroids

A body, NOT burn completely on entering earth's atmosphere & lands on earth~ Meteorite

Upto 100

Heavenly bodies_seen as bright streak of light in sky: Meteors or shooting stars

Maximum satellites: Saturn

fastest rotating planet: Jupiter
slowest rotating planet: Venus

*Same period of rotation & revolution? Venus

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune: Jovian planets

Morning & Evening star: Venus
brightest planet: Venus
rotates from East to West: Venus

*Rotates from North to South: Uranus

Phobos & Deimos are satellites of: Mars

Land of Gold & Diamond: South Africa

*Capital of Nigeria: Abuja

Longest waterfall in the world is? Victoria Falls

flightless bird of Kalahari desert? Ostrich

*Victoria Fall discovered by: David Livingston

Temperate grassland of South Africa is called? High Veld

*Deepest points of Atlantic & Pacific oceans respectively Milwaukee Deep & Challenger Deep

*General direction of Cyclones formed in Bay of Bengal~
East to West

No trees are found in Tundra biome near polar region of northern hemisphere due to?
Frozen ice beneath the surface restricts root growth

Vertical movement of air: Air turbulence

Thames river:  United Kingdom

Firefly gives us cold light by phenomenon of: Bioluminescence

*warm & dry winds, blow down steep valley in Japan: Zonda

Which element_ nitrogen metabolism: Molybdenum

*Which disease, when sorghum is consumed in excess quantity?Pellagra

Green Ear, Ergot, Rust_diseases~ Bajra

Sheep able to breed for? 10 years

*Sharadamani~ Rabi maize variety

*Major fungi that affects food-grains in storage~ Mucor

*Perennial variety of Elephant Grass (Napier Grass)~ Pusa Giant Napier


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