History One Liners Quiz (To The Point)

Founders of Dynasties
Kushan Dynasty (West-Northern India) - Kadphises

*Chola Dynasty, Adi (Cholamandalama) - Karikala   (190 AD - 600 AD)

*Chalukya Badami Dynasty (Badami) - Pulkeshin I

>>{ Jayasimha _ 1st ruler of Chalukya dynasty of Vatapi (modern Badami) & grandfather of dynasty's first sovereign ruler, Pulakeshin I. }

*Chalukya Vengi Dynasty (Vengi) - Vishnu Vardhana

Pala Dynasty (Bengal) - Gopala

Chola Dynasty (Tamil Region) - Vijayalaya (850 AD - 1279 AD)


1. Zamindari System
 by Cornwallis in 1793 through Permanent Settlement Act.

Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Varanasi.

owner of the lands: Zamindars

2. Ryotwari System
Thomas Munro in 1820.

Madras, Bombay, parts of Assam

British Government collected taxes directly from the peasants.

3. Mahalwari System
introduced in 1833 during William Bentick.

>land was divided into Mahals. Each Mahal comprises one or more villages.

>Ownership rights were vested with peasants.

>villages committee was held responsible for collection of the taxes.

>had many provisions of both Zamindari System & Ryotwari System.


1. oldest surviving rock-cut cave in India ?
Barabar Caves

2. Ashta Pradhan of Shivaji:

# Pantpradhan (Moropant Trimbak Pingale)-  Prime ministerGeneral administration

# Amatya (Ramchandra Neelkanth Mujumdar) also know as (Ramchandra Pant Amatya) – Finance minister, Accounts.

# Sumant (Ramchandra Trimbak Dabir) – Foreign relations.

# Sachiv(Annaji Datto) – secretary, To prepare royal edicts (official order)


1. Indus Valley Civilization._ 2350 BC and 1750 BC

Vedic period_ 1500 and 600 BC

2. Gautam Buddha born_Lumbini in Kapilavastu (Nepal)_Shakya Kshatriya Clan

Buddha enlightenment_under pipal tree at Bodh Gaya

Buddha first sermon_ Sarnath in U.P.

Buddha died_ Kushinagar in U.P.

3. Vardhamana Mahavira born~ Kundagrama,  540 BC.
Vardhamana Mahavira died~ Pavapuri (present day Bihar)

4. Religious book of Jainism~ Agam (in Pali language).

>Jaina Texts were written in _Prakrit language.

>Triratna concept major teachings of~ Jainism.

5. Religious place of Jainism~ Dilwara temple (Mount Abu)

6. Alexander defeated Porus~ in 326 BC ~Battle of Hydespas

7. kalinga war _ 261 BC.

8. Saka Era in 78 AD~ Kushan king Kanishka.

9. Dhanwanthari, Vetalbhatt, Varahamihira, Amar Simha & Kalidas~ at court of~ Chandragupta II. (Navratna)

>Aryabhatta was NOT among 9 gems (Navratna) of the Vikramaditya’s court.

>Aryabhatta~Gupta Period

10. Capital of Cahalukya dynasty~ Vatapi. (modern Badami).

11. Which inscription ~Pulkeshin II defeated Harshvardhana in 619 AD~ Aihole inscription.

12. Shore temple of Mahabalipuram & Kailashnath temple of Kanchi ~Narsimhavarma II (Pallava dynasty)

13.  Kailash temple at Ellora~ Krishna-I (Rashtrakuta king)

14. Who started the persian festival 'Nauroz'? ~ Balban.

15. Coins of brass & copper~ Mohammed-Bin Tughlaq (Token Currency)

16.'Baburnama' written by? Babur in Turkish language.

**17. permanent settlement : Zamindari system, 1793 in Bengal~ Lord Cornwallis.

18.  Fort William college at Calcutta? Lord Wellesely.

19.  Jallianwala Bagh massacre ~13th April

20. Which Act _responsible for partition of India~ Indian Independence Act, 1947.

21. `Liberty, Equality & Fraternity' _motto of which revolution? French Revolution.

22. first Indian woman president of INC_ Sarojini Naidu.(1925)

>first woman president of INC_ Annie Besant (1917)

23. first recipient of Dadasaheb Phalke Award? Devika Rani (1969)

24. Simla Agreement (2nd July 1972)
Indira Gandhi sign Shimla Agreement with~ Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

>much more than a peace treaty _to reverse consequences of 1971 war.

*25. Paunar Ashram near Wardha in Maharashtra_ Founded by
Vinoba Bhave.

26. Original name Munshi Premchand~ Dhanpat Rai Shrivastava

27. Tomb of Moinuddin Chishti~Ajmer.

28.  first woman President of United Nations General Assembly~ Vijaya Laxmi Pandit. (1953)


Upto 100 (page 5)

*29. first US president to visit India in December 1959?
Dwight D. Eisenhower

*30. Gol Ghar, a beehive shaped structure built in 1786 to store grains for the British Army_located in

*31. Which freedom fighter_known as 'Lokpriya': Gopinath Bordoloi.

32. Which battle_disintegration of Vijayanagar empire~ Battle of Talikota (1565)

33. Tenth & last Sikh Guru Gobind Singh appoint his military deputy~ Banda Bahadur.

34. 'Kalidas' & 'Varahamihira' _courtier of : Chandragupta Vikramaditaya.

{Dhanwanthari, Vetalbhatt, Amar Simha}

35. Chariot-shaped temple _known as 'Black Pagoda':- Sun Temple, Konark, Orissa

# Built by Narasimha Deva I (Ganga dynasty)

36. Muslim League first demanded partition of India in ~1940.

37. Vande Mataram first sung ~ 1896.

>Calcutta Congress Session (1896)

President- Rahimtullah M. Sayani (Second Muslim)

*38. officer responsible for safe custody of land records during Gupta period _known as? Karanika

39. Greatest Bhakti poet of Maharashtra~ Namdeva.

**40. Prakrit text Gaudavaho describes_deeds of~ Yasovarman

*41. That destiny determines everything, man is powerless is propounded by? Ajivakas.

42. word 'Hindu' as reference to people of India_first used by? Arab.

{word Hindu or Indu was used by Greeks to denote the country & people living beyond Indus river.}

43. Gupta Empire
Capital: Pataliputra

Common languages: Sanskrit (literary and academic); Prakrit (vernacular)

{Sanskrit was the official language of Gupta period}

>Gupta rulers issued a large number of gold coins.

44. Aruna Asaf Ali was a major woman organizer in?~ Quit India Movement.

45. Prime Minister of England who sent Cripps Mission~Winston Churchill.

46. 'individual Satyagraha' 1940-41
Vinoba Bhave was chosen as first Satyagrahi. Who was second? ~Jawaharlal Nehru.

{Bhoodan Movement by Vinoba Bhave}

*47. Silver coins issued by Guptas~ Rupaka

48. Term 'Yavanapriya' _in ancient Sanskrit texts denoted? Pepper.

*49. Concept of Anuvrata ~ Jainism.

>The anuvratas are vows to abstain from violence, falsehood, and stealing; to be content with one's own wife; and to limit one's possessions.

50. most mentioned river in early Vedic literature~ Sindhu.

51. famous for_work on medicine _ Gupta period? Susrutha.


52. Murlidhar Devidas_founder of leprosy rehabilitation center 'Anandvan' in Maharashtra_known as~ Baba Amte.

53. Aligarh Muslim University, originally Mohammeden Anglo-Oriental College, in 1875?~Syed Ahmed Khan.

54. National song 'Vande Mataram'? ~ Bankimchandra Chatterjee.

55. First education minister of independent India? ~ Maulana Abul Kalam Azad.

56. Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia _largest Hindu temple in world~ Lord Vishnu.

57.  First president of All India Trade Union Cogress in 1920_Lala Lajpat Rai.

{Founded in Bombay}

**58. British lady Madeleine Slade, _disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, better known as~ Meera Ben.

59. Second Battle of Panipat , 1556~ Akbar & Hemu

60. Battle of Haldi Ghati ~ 1576


**61. Battle of Karnal~ 1739

{Nadir Shah & Muhammed Shah}

62. who returned_ token of honour to Govt of India_ 30 May 1919
Rabindranath Tagore

63. Who accused INC_politics of prayers, petition & protest~ Bal Gangadhar Tilak

64. Resolution for creation of Pakistan _in Muslim League Session of 1940~ Mohammed Ali Jinnah

**65. Anti-British outfit _Abhinav Bharat_founded by~ V. D. Savarkar

66. first President of _All India Trade Union Congress~ Lala Lajpat Rai

67. Prefix Mahatma added _name of Gandhi during~ Champaran Satyagraha

68. Who called Lord Irwin & Mahatma Gandhi 'The two Mahatmas'~ Sarojini Naidu

69. first Muslim ruler of India_ introduce Judicial Reforms ~ Akbar

**70. Rock cut temples known as_ Seven Pagodas situated at ~ Mahabalipuram

71. Type of marriage in Vedic period _token bride of a cow & bull in place of dowry~ Asura

Arsa Vivah ~ A token bride-price of a Cow and a Bull was given
Prajapati Vivah ~ Marriage without dowry

Asura Vivah ~ Marriage by Purchase
Rakshasha Vivah ~ Marriage by abduction

72. Royal Indian Navy Revolt in Bombay ~ 1946

73. Vardhman Mahavira & Gautam Buddha _preached during reign of: Bimbisara

*74. Which Indian State_previously known as North-East Frontier AgencyArunachal Pradesh

*75. Main inspiration of_Young Bengal Movement: L. V. Derozio

*76. philosophy of Upanishads emphasises~  Gyan
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