Mixed GK Quiz 1 (Railway, SSC)


1. Charge of Ministry of Dairy?
Giriraj Singh 

Ministry of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries 

2. National sport of Canada

*3.UN wildlife summit in 2020?
will be Hosted by- India

>12th meeting of Conference of Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species

4. Hollywood is located in
 Los Angeles, California.

*5. Chandrayaan-2 _by ISRO?

22nd July 2019.

>The mission_launched to Moon by _Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III (GSLV Mk III).

6. Black Sea_between Southeastern Europe & Western Asia.



1. Third biggest party in 2019 elections?

Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) 

>won 23 seats
state party of Tamil Nadu & Union Territory of Puducherry.

*2.National Intellectual Property Award for 2019?
Benny Antony

>for Patents & Commercialization.

*3. World’s 2nd tennis player ~male category to win 100th ATP Titles?
Roger Federer

4. Part 21_ Articles on Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions.

e.g. Article 370 _special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir


7 July 209

1. Ramsar Convention on Wetlands was signed in


2. Jules Rimet Trophy associated with?

**3. Indian Wells Masters title 2019

{Tennis tournament played at Indian Wells, California}

female's single_Bianca Andreescu (Canada)

Men's Singles_Dominic Thiem (Austrian)

>also known as _BNP Paribas Open

4. New name of Agartala Airport?
Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport



1. Which state govt_appointed ‘Lokpal’ in all universities except agricultural universities to resolve student grievances?

2. Appointment of Prime Minister & other ministers
Article 75

3. If Parliament appoints a Committee for a specific purpose, it is known as
Adhoc Committee 

4. Which state_launched PRANAM Commission?

>Chief Minister of Assam_ Sarbananda Sonowal 

>If employee's parents is_ignored, then 10 or 15% of the employee’s salary will be deducted by govt. ~Paid to parents or differently abled siblings.

5. Dharamchakra symbol consists of ___ spokes.

*6. Which titled document_ released by Union Ministry of Environment ~to mention action taken towards ~combating & adapting to climate change?

>India Spearheading Climate Solutions


7. Name of Govt of India sponsored scheme _to provide subsidized food to poorest of the poor families?

Antyodaya Anna Yojana



1. *STRIDE _initiative to boost research culture in India_launched by

University Grants Commission (UGC)

>STRIDE stands for 'Scheme for Trans-disciplinary Research for India’s Developing Economy'.

2. *'Operation Sunrise'_ joint army operative
India & Myanmar.

3. *Gold coins issued_reign of Chandragupta Vikramaditya _known as

4. *Which golfer_won fifth Masters at Augusta National Golf Club in April, 2019?
Tiger Woods

>2019 Masters Tournament_ 83rd edition of the Masters Tournament & first of golf's four major championships in 2019. 

5. Cafe Scientifique_an initiative to popularize science_started by:

6. “Ecological hot spot of India”~Western Ghats (Sahyadri)

7. Group displacement law was given by _____.
Fajan, Russel & Soddy 

{Law of radioactive displacements_ a rule governing transmutation of elements during radioactive decay}


1. Which ICC Cricket Umpire_announced retirement after World Cup 2019?
Ian Gould 

2. Which supersonic cruise missile_test fired by Indian Air Force on 22nd May 2019?
BrahMos {from a Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft}

3. Moraines are formed in
glacial regions

4. AIFF Men's Footballer of the Year at AIFF 2018-19 Awards?
Sunil Chhetri { Player of the Year award}

>Ashalata Devi ~AIFF Women's Footballer of the Year (2018-2019).

5. Father of Wi-Fi

Vic Hayes


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