Provincial Kingdoms: Medieval History (MCQ, Quiz)

1. Bengal province broke away from Delhi under the reign of:
Muhammad Bin Tughlaq

*2. Who founded a kingdom in Assam in 13th century?

>Ahoms under Sukapha

{Ahom dynasty}

3. Who built a new city of Ahmadabad?
Ahmed Shah I

*4. Which ruler consolidated kingdom of Orissa?
 Anatvarman Choda

*5. Who founded Bikaner?
Rao Bika

6. founder of Kachhawaha Dynasty?
Dullah Rao

>Gujarat:- conquered by Alauddin Khalji [1297]

{Broke away from Delhi under Zafar Khan}

>Malwa- annexed by Alauddin Khalji [1305 ]

>Orissa:-consolidated by Anantavarman Choda Ganga


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