General Science One liner (Railway RRB) Quiz

Quiz 1

Final image formed by an astronomical telescope is:
>virtual, inverted & magnified.

In SONAR, we use
Ultrasonic wave

Power of wind and speed is measured by anemometer.


Quiz 2

Pascal as the unit for
>internal pressure of a system undergoing _expansion or contraction.

>internal stress,  
>Young's modulus,  
>tensile strength of a material

 A projectile _initial speed V at an angle θ will have the
Same range as a projectile launched with speed V at  (90 ° − θ)
Maximum range when θ = 45 °.

Who invented contact lens?
Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick

Venn diagram were invented by 
John Venn

Which physical quantity is measured in 'siemens'?
Electrical conductance 

>>Its S.I. unit is siements per metre.

Siemens per meter (Electrical conductivity)
Ohm meter (Electrical resistivity)

Who invented Helicopter?
Igor Sikorsky

Cadmium pollution is associated with ______ .
Itai-itai disease

Device used for detection and measurement of all types of radiation (alpha, beta and gamma)
Geiger counter

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
>first law of thermodynamics

work done (or Energy required)= potential difference × charge 

 potential difference= (work done/Charge)

Oxidation reaction
>addition of electronegative element
>addition of an oxygen molecule

>Loss of electron
>removal of hydrogen molecule.

Motor vehicle emissions 
Particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) 

Carbon monoxide
Carbon dioxide

Volatile organic compounds
Water vapor. 


Quiz 3

*The glowing surface of the Sun is called ___.

>Atmosphere of sun is composed of several layers mainly
photospherechromosphere and corona

>Lowest layer of  sun's atmosphere is photosphere._ This layer is where the sun's energy is released as light. _It is the visible "surface" of the Sun _Hence refer as the glowing surface of Sun.

Mangroves are plants have
Respiratory roots

Electroscope_ detect presence of electric charge on a body.

William Gilbert

**Making of dyes_Chemical compound used.
Potassium Carbonate (K2CO3)

#Potassium Carbonate_ making glass, dyes, and some soaps. 

>Potassium Bromide_ photography. 

>Potassium chloride & Potassium sulfate ~ fertilizer.

Plank’s constant has the dimensions of
angular momentum

SI unit_  joule-seconds or (N⋅m⋅s) or (kg⋅m2⋅s−1).

Octopus belongs to the phylum

>bilaterally symmetrical
>Octopus are soft bodied, eight armed invertebrates found in coral reefs, pelagic waters or sea beds.

Full form of PVC

polyvinyl chloride.


Quiz 4
Father of Email
Raymond Tomlinson

Input device
MICR {Magnetic Ink Character Recognition}

OMR{Optical mark recognition}

Barcode Reader

Plotter is not an input device rather it is an output device

**first Super Computer of the world?

*India's first supercomputer
PARAM 8000

Scientific name
Giant panda_ Ailuropoda melanoleuca (IUCN Red List)

Blue whale_ Balaenoptera musculus 

Mouse_ Mus musculus

Lion_    Panthera leo

>IUCN_International Union for Conservation of Nature

father of periodic table?
Dmitri Mendeleev

BIOS_ Basic Input Output System

lie detector

E. Goldstein
discoverer of anode rays _sometimes credited with discovery of proton.

In MICR, what does 'I' stands for?


Quiz 5

Chemical element with lowest melting point _ Helium
Element with highest melting point _ Carbon

>Metal with lowest melting point_ mercury.

>Fluorine has a low melting point and boiling point, the lowest of the halogens.

Nerve cells are longest cells of human body.
>signals between neurons occur via specialized connections called synapses.

Bio-fertilizers convert nitrogen to ______ 

>Nitrogen fixation _Nitrogen in air is converted into ammonia (NH3)

>Atmospheric nitrogen (N2) is relatively inert: it does not easily react with other chemicals to form new compounds.

>Nitrogen fixation is carried out naturally in the soil by nitrogen-fixing bacteria such as Azotobacter.

Urea (NH2)2CO_ comes from breakdown of proteins.
>source of Nitrogen in urine.

>Urea is a readily available source of Nitrogen so is used as a fertilizer.


Phloem/Inner Bark 


14 July, 2019

1. Dodo is a bird categorized under _____.

2. Which is not a word processor?
Microsoft Excel 

**3. Stomatal opening is based on


>According to the K+ ion theory ~Guard cells absorb k+ ions from the cells around them as they produce ATP (due to photosynthesis) and become hyper-tonic.

This leads to absorption of water from nearby cells by endosmosis due to which the guard cell become turgid and the stomata opens. 

>Decreasing light intensity and photosynthesis causes stomata closing.


# Three types of solutions based on solute concentration: isotonic, hypotonic, and hypertonic.

# The three types of osmotic conditions that affect living cells are called hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic states. 

{Difference Between Stomata of Monocot and Dicot Plants~ Guard cells of the monocots are dumbbell-shaped >>guard cells of dicot plants are bean-shaped.}


4. Where does Amoeba digests its food?
 Food vacuole.

*5. Who invented 'chronometer'?
John Harrison 

6. connective tissue
>Areolar connective tissue
>Adipose Tissue
>Fibrous connective tissue
>Osseous tissue (Bone tissue)

>Hyaline cartilage


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