Important *Science Que* (SSC, Railway) 2

Fuse wire-  lead + tin

A transformer works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It brings about a change in the potential of an alternating current.

(i) Soft iron is used for making electromagnets.
(ii) Steel is used for making permanent magnets.

Water Gas= Carbon Monoxide + Hydrogen.
It is obtained by passing water vapour over red hot carbon.

Lithium is the strongest reducing agent

Aqua regia =1 part of nitric acid + 3 parts of HCl.

Methyl alcohol (CH₃OH) is also called wood alcohol, or wood spirit.

Crescograph ~recording growth of plants. 
>invented by Dr. J. C. Bose.

 Light takes 1.25 seconds to reach Earth from moon.

In some plants fruits are developed from ovary without fertilization. This type of fruit is called parthenocarpy

Normally these types of fruits are seedless.
Example— Banana, Papaya, Orange, Grapes, Pine-apple etc.

Plant diseases
(i) Viral Diseases:
Mosaic disease of tobacco- The factor of this disease is Tabacco Mosaic
Virus (TMV).

(ii) Bacterial Diseases:
 Wilt of Potato:-It is also known as ring disease.

 Bacterial blight of Rice- Yellow greenish spot is seen on both sides of leaves.

Marasmus: muscles of children are loosened.

Vitamin ~ invented by Sir F. G. Hopkins. The term Vitamin
was coined by Funk.

Synthesis of [Vitamin–D] takes place by the [ultra violet rays] present in the sunlight through cholesterol of skin.

>[Vitamin–K] is synthesized in our colon by the bacteria and from there it is absorbed.

Medical Instrument.
>Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)- to find out any abnormality in whole body.

>Auto analyses: Use to examine glucose, urea and cholesterol.

Fish is first class protein as it contains essential amino acid.

Globin is a proteinous compound.

The iron compound found in hemoglobin as haematin.

Number of RBC is measured by an instrument called hemocytometer.

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