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CGL Tier I : 5 Aug'17 Shift 1 

1. Herb
>any seed-bearing plant which does not have a woody stem and dies down to the ground after flowering.

"the banana plant is the world's largest herb"

Exp- Wheat

2. Which of the following instrument is used to measure Soil Water Tension?

{Soil science}

3. Who invented first working laser?
T. H. Maiman

{invention of the laser.}

4. Gauri Shankar Devilal~ Kathak dancer

M. F. Husain~ Painting

5. Who is the only Indian cricketer to have received the Polly Umrigar award 3 times?
 Virat Kohli

6. EKUVERIN Exercise
Indo-Maldives joint military exercise

7. Movement along the supply curve is known as ______ .
expansion and contraction of supply

>When supply curve moves towards right it is known as expansion of supply and towards left is known as contraction of supply.

8. Which of the following "writ" of the High Court or the Supreme Court is issued to restrain a person from holding a public office which he is not entitled to?
Quo Warranto


CGL Tier I : 5 Aug'17 Shift 3 

1.Who wrote 'Nyaya Sutra'?

>founder of Nyaya philosophy.
>Nyaya Sutra_ Sanskrit text
>foundational text of the Nyaya school of Hindu philosophy.

2. Masai is a tribe of which of the following country?
 Kenya and Tanzania

3.  minimum distance (in metres) required to hear an echo?
17.2 metres.

4. main system board of a computer?
Mother board

>It consists of read only memory and random access memory chips.

5. India by the Nile', was a cultural festival celebrated by India and _____.


CGL Tier I : 6 Aug'17 Shift 1

1. The ________ curve represents the demand of all consumers in the market taken together at different levels of the price of the good.
Market Demand

{Amount of a good or services that consumers purchase _ plotted on X-axis.  Range of pricing levels_potted on Y-axis.}

2.In which year was Communist Party of India - Marxist (CPI-M) founded?
1964 by Jyoti Basu

(3). The body of all complex animals consist of only _______ basic types of tissue(s).

>Connective Tissues
>Muscle or Muscular Tissues
>Nervous Tissues
>Epithelial Tissues

4. ______ Disk Encryption is a technology (hardware or software) where data is encrypted before storage.

Full Disk Encryption (FDE)’ or ‘Whole Disk Encryption

{everything on disk is encrypted before storage.}

5. Who invented bluetooth?
Jaap Haartsen

6. Rukmini Devi Arundale was a reputed dancer and choreographer in which form of dancing?

7). 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Drama 'Fairview'
Jackie Sibblies Drury

*>2019 pulitzer prize for fiction 'The Overstory'
Richard Powers

>2019 Pulitzer Prize for Music 'Prism'
Ellen Reid

Mock Paper

1. chief constituent of Green house effect?
Water vapor

> In order, the most abundant greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere are:
Water vapor (H2O)
• Carbon dioxide (CO2)
• Methane (CH4)

2. Compulsory Unemployment ~ labour power is ready to work on the current rate but does not get work.

3. parts of the excretory system?
Sweat glands

kidney system
2 Kidneys
2 Ureters
1 Urinary bladder
1 Urethra

4. India’s longest single-lane steel cable suspension bridge inaugurated in Arunachal Pradesh. The bridge is built over which river?

Siang river 

5. The highest peak of eastern ghats is

>Anaimudi is the highest peak of western ghats.

6. Who came to India overland route to trade with Indian merchants in 1599?
John Mildenhall (an English merchant)

Before the establishment of the East India Company, John Mildenhall, an English merchant came to India overland route to trade with Indian merchants in 1599.

(7) 73rd Amendment 1992 added a new Part IX to the constitution titled “The Panchayats” ~Article 243 to 243(O);
>and a new 11th Schedule_Panchayats.

8. Use of radio telescope?
to detect radio-frequency radiation emitted_ by extraterrestrial sources.

9). International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
2 December

10. Dutch metal
an alloy of copper and zinc
>making artificial ornaments_ used in imitation of gold leaf.

11. Which state has the highest GDP in India?

12. Sidereal time_measured with respect to the apparent motion of the 'fixed' stars in the sky. _How long is a Sideral day?
>23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds

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