General Science (To The Point)

*Blood vessels carrying blood from heart to various parts of body:

>a small body moving in solar system that would become a meteor if it entered earth's atmosphere.

>Rocky or metallic body in outer space. Meteoroids are significantly smaller than asteroids.

>Small pieces of solid matter, scattered in inter-planetary space of solar system.

Largest gland in body which is dark red in colour: Liver.

Ginger is a stem_ True, because it has nodes & internodes.

Chemical technology, conversion of base metals into gold: Alchemy

Lines drawn on maps joining the places having same barometic pressure: Isobars.

Lymph differs from blood in not having: RBC

*Study of Grass: Agrostology.

*When lift is going down with uniform acceleration, apparent weight of man in a lift is:-  less than his real weight.

Oil spreads over the surface of water because:- Oil has less surface tension than water.


A gas behave as an ideal gas at: At very low pressure & high temperature.

Oology, study of: Birds egg.

Diamond is harder than Graphite due to difference of: Crystalline structure.

Relative humidity of air:  Hygrometer

Blood circulation: William Harvey

Nitroglycerine : Explosive

*Dry cell battery _electrolytes: Ammonium Chloride & Zinc Chloride

Permanent Research Station of India, Dakshin Gangotri located at: Antarctica

Waves used in a night vision apparatus: Infrared waves

In order to stay over same spot on earth, a geostationary satellite has to be directly above: The Equator

Water is used to cool engines of cars, buses, trucks, etc. because water has:  High specific heat

*Due to contract of eyeball, a long-sighted eye can only see farther objects which is corrected by using? Convex lens

*Formation of compounds by union of elements: Synthesis

Study of abundance & reactions of molecules in universe, and their interaction with radiationAstrochemistry

*Small DNA molecule within a cell that is physically separated from chromosomal DNA & can replicate independently:  Plasmid

Organic compounds derived from petroleum & natural gases:

Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany: Lucknow

Photosynthesis, maximum in red colour & minimum in: Violet colour

Other name of Red Blood Cells: Erythrocytes


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