Indian Constitution (To The Point)

Legal advisor of Constituent Assembly~ B. N. Rao.

Right to freedom of speech~ Article 19.

Eection of President~ Article 55

Members nominated by President in Lok Sabha~ 2 members (Anglo-Indian)

*Retirement age_ judges of Supreme Court~ 65 years

 *Retirement age_judges of High Court~ 62 years.

 Powers & duties of CAG~ Article 149 and 150.

Reports of CAG relating to union_ submitted to President
Article 151.

 First Vice-President of India~ S. Radhakrishnan.

First Lok Sabha election~ 1952.

Model code of conduct for political parties & candidates to be followed during election is specified in~ Representation of the People Act, 1951.

*Chairman of National Integration Council~ Prime Minister of India.

British Parliament passed Indian Independence Act on~ 18 July 1947.

 Panchayat Raj~ Article 243.

**Under Article 343, Official language of Union: Hindi & English.

**Special provision for Central Services in Article 336Anglo-Indian community.

**National Commission for SC & STArticle 338.

*Before Independence of India, Dadar & Nager Haveli was under administrative control of: Portugese.

*Number of seats for Rajya SabhaArticle 80

Number of seats for Lok Sabha: Article 81

**Which Amendment_Sikkim made a full-fledged State 
36th Amendment, 1975

*Retirement age _Member of State Public Service Commission:
60 years

Unanticipated expenditure without prior approval of Parliament: Contingency Fund of India

Running own educational institutions _religious minorities:
Article 30(1)

*Constitution assures Economic justice to its Citizens through:

National Development council constituted on: 1952

*Concept of 'Minimum Needs' an innovation of: 5th Five Year Plan

*97th Constitutional Amendment: Anti-Defection Bill

Propagation of one's own religion~ Article 25(1)

Which Right is enjoyed by Citizens & Foreigners both?
Civil Right

*Contingency Fund: Article 267

President can exercise his veto power~Ordinary bills only

Minimum duration of a stay necessary, before a person can apply for Indian citizenship? 5 years


upto Que 80

*Chairman & Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha: Article 89

In what way Finance Commission can recommend to centre for transfer of resources to States: Subsidy & tax share

CAG acts as Chief Accountant & Auditor for: Both Union & State Govt.

Supreme Court~ 31 judges (Including Chief Justice)

Union Territories Seats in Lok Sabha: 15 seats

Joint Sitting of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha: Article 108

In National Flag, which colour is used in wheel? Navy Blue

In case President Rule in the state is not approved by the Parliament, for how many months the same promulgation shall last? 6 months

After declaration of financial emergency by President, period of operation without approval by Parliament? 2 Months

qualification of judges of Supreme Court: 124 (3)

Indians should have a Constitution Assembly to frame a Constitution of India- this was put forwarded by? M. N. Roy

*Right to Education for children _Fundamental Right in: 2002

National Women Commission was formed in: 1992

Official house of Election Commission of India is known as 
Nirvachan Sadan

Organisation of village panchayat: Article 40

Fundamental duties: 1976 (42nd Amendment)

States_ reorganised: 7th Amendment

*Annual Financial Statement: Article 112

Who inaugurated Parliament House of India? Lord Irwin (1927)

chairman of 15th finance commission? Nand Kishore Singh (N. K. Singh)

first acting President of India? V. V. Giri

first Attorney General of India? M. C. Setalvad

*first Chairman of Finance Commission? K. C. Neogy

 first Solicitor General of India? V. Narahari Rao

**Chief Election Commissioner of India holds office for:- 6 year or till age of 65 years.

Sarkaria Commission_review of relation between: Centre & States

Speaker of Lok Sabha votes only in case of~ Tie

Parliament has power to legislate with respect to a matter in the State List provided?~ If It's in the national interest.

Equal pay for equal work for both men & women is~Fundamental Right

Which Parliamentary Standing Committee_concerned with regularity of expenditure of govt: Public Accounts Committee



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