Bihar SI Prelims Full Test 1

Correct Que

Lord Willingdon _3rd Round table conference.

Lord Hardinge_ capital was shifted to Delhi in 1911.

Golakhnath vs. State of Punjab (1967) = Related to Fundamental Rights.

How many biodiversity hotspots are present in India?
Western Ghats, Himalayas, Indo-Burma region, Sundaland region.

first Comptroller and Auditor general of Independent India?
V. Narahari Rao

Van Vihar National Park= Madhya Pradesh

 Most destructive volcanoes in recent times= Kilauea volcano

Wrong Que

Seat/s for Dadra & Nagar Haveli in Rajya Sabha= 00

[Number of seat/s in Lok Sabha= 01]

Joseph Proust = postulated Law of Constant Proportions.

Lord Reading (1921 – 1926) = repealed Rowlatt Act in 1922.

Moplah rebellion (1921)

Kevlar = to make bulletproof vests.

>has excellent cryogenic properties.

>heat resistant + retains its strength at cryogenic (very low) temperatures as well.  

>Cryogenic means related to= low temperatures.

Bharatnatyam also known by name Dasi-attam.

Major Jute producing states
West Bengal + Bihar + Assam + Odisha

Not attempted

Makemake = 3rd largest dwarf planet.

Examples of Dwarf planet=  Eris, Pluto, Haumea.

Red Soil = known as Omnibus soil.

>Eastern & southern part of Deccan plateau+Orissa+Chhattisgarh

Baglihar Dam= river Chenab
>Jammu and kashmir

"Martyr's Day" = January 30

Article 127 = appointment of adhoc judges

>Adhoc judges_ appointed by= chief justice of India+ president.

pH of water at 25°c is 7. When it is heated to 100°C, the pH of water Decreases

>water remains neutral even if its pH changes.

Neyveli in Tamil Nadu= famous for lignite production

Theosophical Society founded= 1875 in New York, US.

>by Henry Steel Olcott, [Helena Blavatsky], William Quan Judge,

Hydrochloric acid = also called Muriatic acid.

Banana – Jamaica

Coffee – Colombia

Tea – Kenya 
>4 biggest tea-producing countries=China, India+Sri Lanka, Kenya

**GDP =
Gross Value Added at basic prices + Product taxes - Product subsidies

>Product produced within boundaries of a country.

GDP = 
[sum of gross value added at factor cost + all taxes on products -  all subsidies on products] 

+ {all other taxes on production - all other subsidies on production}

**Battle of Khatoli =1518
>Ibrahim Lodi + Rana Sanga

Mughals from Mother's side were descendants of= Chengiz Khan

>From father’s side, they were successors of= Timur.

**Phrase ‘Sustainable Development’ was first coined by Brundtland Commission

Special drawing rights basket

SDR consists of
U.S. Dollar       
Japanese Yen     
British Pound



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