Bihar SI: Prelims Full Test 3

Second phase of nationalization of bank in 1980 
six banks _ Rs 200 crores

Punjab and Sind Bank
Andhra Bank
Corporation Bank

New Bank of India
Oriental Bank of Commerce
Vijaya Bank

Tricks:- PAC NOV

[ Shunt ] is a low resistance device_ connected parallel to galvanometer_ to convert a galvanometer into an ammeter.

Railway Budget and the General Budget were presented separately for the first time in the year [1924.]

Nanda Devi peak  - Uttarakhand

Annapurna - Nepal

K2/Godwin Austin -Gilgit Baltisthan (2nd)

Kanchenjunga - Sikkim (3rd)

Statutory bodies~ created by an act of the Parliament.
UIDAI, National Law Commission, {SEBI}

Non-statutory bodies~  created by executive resolution. No law backs upon them. 
eg- NTCA

Social, economic and political justice   -  Article 38

Education until age of 6 years      -    Article 45

India's largest artificial lake
Govind Vallabh pant sagar
>at Sonbhadra district in Uttar Pradesh.

Indian Air Force Day is observed on [October 8.]

Above Curie temperature, The ferromagnetic material changes into paramagnetic material.

The maximum temperature at which materials retain their magnetic properties is called Curie temperature.

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary


Wrong Que
**  Who got the title of Vatapikonda?
Narsimhavarman I
Pallava King

> He Conquered Vatapi when he killed Chalukya King Pulakesin II  and captured Chalukyan capital, Badami in 642 AD

The demand curve for a Giffen good is _______.
Upward rising
A giffen good is a good whose demand increases with the increase in price.
violate the basic law of demand 

'metal of future'?


Not attempted

{Herbert Spencer} coined the phrase "survival of the fittest"

Which separates the northeastern parts of India and Chota Nagpur Plateau?
Malda fault in West Bengal

Bihar state was formed in 1936.
province of Bihar and Orissa seperated from bengal presidency in 1912.

Punjab/Kashmir Himalayas
lies between the Indus River and Satluj River.

**Kumaon Himalayas
lies between Satluj River & Kali River.

Nepal Himalayas
 lies between the Kali River and Teesta River.

Assam Himalayas
lies between the Teesta River and Dihang River.

Purvanchal/Eastern Himalayas
lies beyond Dihang River valley.

Chairman of 13th Finance Commission was ________.
Dr Vijay Kelkar

14th~ Y.V. Reddy

15th~ N. K. Singh

Bimbisar gained ________as the dowry in his marriage with Kosaladevi of Kosala.

Meseta Plateau

Tibetan Plateau is called the "Roof of the World"

Which river flows through Jim Corbett National park?

>It originates from Namik Glacier near Nainital.

author of 'Amuktamalyada'

>epic poem in Telugu composed by Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagar Dynasty.

Who established ‘Sharda Sadan’, a school for Indian widows in colonial India?
Pandita Ramabai

Time period of Annual Plans was ________.

Rolling plan~ 1978-1980

Which Pallava ruler is also known as Rajasimha?
Narasimhavarman II

Murugan was the primary deity of which of the following period?
Sangam Period

>Sivan was the supreme God, and Murugan was the one celebrated by the masses.

‘Wine Capital of India’?

Which article defines "the definition of the state."?
Article 12

The term state has been used in different provisions concerning fundamental rights. hence article 12 has been defined as the term for part 3

Supply creates its own demand. This statement is related to  __.

Professor [JB Say]

>Keynes summarized Say's law as "supply creates its own demand"

most important Mahajanapada in the ancient India?

Rights of citizenship to certain persons of Indian origin residing outside India"?
Article 8

>A person who resided outside India but his parents or grandparents are from India and he wishes to be an Indian citizen is covered by article 8.

book 'The English Teacher'
R. K. Narayan. 

>final part in the 'Malgudi Days" series

currency of Bangkok

>10th Mekong Ganga Cooperation (MGC) Ministerial Meeting_ held in Bangkok, Thailand in August 2019.

Tuzuk-i-Baburi (Baburanamah)~ Turkish language.

Article 239~   Administration of union territories

Article 240~  power of the president to make regulations for certain union territories.

Son river joins Ganga near [Patna.]

>Son river originates near [Amarkantak]

Bindusara was known as “[ AmitroChates ]” to the Greeks.
Sanskrit_ amitraghata, “destroyer of foes.”

>Bindusara was interested in Ajivika Sect. of Jains.

stranger gas

Rann of Kutch boundary line b/w India & Pakistan is also known as.

24th parallel

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