Railway Group D - Mock Test 1

1. Main constituent of Biogas after Methane?
Carbon dioxide

*2. Rainbow_natural phenomenon of ___ of light.

>Dispersion is the phenomenon by which white light splits into its 7 constituent colours

3. Cold blooded animal?

>Fishes, amphibians, & reptiles are cold-blooded animals.

4. process of amendment_in which part of Indian Constitution?

Part 20

>Article 368 in part 20

{Part XXI~ Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions}

5. Which is not a connective tissue?
[Skin] is an example of epithelial tissue.

{Cartilage, Bone, and Blood tissues are examples of connective tissues.}

**6. Idea of the Concurrent List has been taken from constitution of __.

Also [The joint sitting of two Houses of Parliament.]

7. Process of waste water treatment is commonly known?
Sewage treatment

8. Which of following is hardest metal?

>Platinum is one of the softest metal. That's why it is used in Jewellery. 

*9. origin point of river Son?

**10. Which strait connects the Arctic Ocean with Pacific Ocean?
[Bering Strait]
Trick~ ABP News

# Gibraltar Strait 
 It connects the Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean sea.

Trick~ [At GiM]

11. Cambodia
capital~Phnom Penh
Currency~Cambodian Riel


Not Attempted

11. Penalty stroke is used in which game?

Field hockey and Football

12. Cockroaches belongs to phylum ________.

 It is also a member of class Insecta

13. when we rub a glass rod with silk cloth?
glass rod becomes positively charged

*14.  “Alice in the Wonderland”?

Author: Lewis carroll

in 1865.

15.  Organisation of Islamic Cooperation's (OIC)

>HQ: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

>OIC consists of 57 countries.

*16. outer layer of kidney known as?

 >outer layer of kidney is known as renal cortex.


*17. World Habitat Day 2019?

[ 7 October every year.]

>Theme: Frontier Technologies as an innovative tool to transform waste into wealth.

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