RRB Full Test 3 - Fixed Section

Bolometer is used to measure ___.
Electromagnetic Radiation

>{Densimeter_ measure specific gravity of a liquid}

Which instrument is used to measure magnetic field?

Cholesterol is related to ________.
>Cholesterol is an organic molecule and a type of lipid molecule.

Which Mughal Emperor was deported to Rangoon by the British?
Bahadur Shah Zafar

Who has invented Aspirin?
Felix Hoffman

[Atomic Bomb_ J Robert Oppenheimer]


cockroach repellent (For controlling cockroaches)
Boric acid

How does pollination take place in maize?
Pollination by air
Pollination in maize occurs through the wind.

process is essential for fertilization and production of seeds

A fungal cell wall is made of ________.

headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization?
Montreal, Canada

Central Arid-zone Research Institute located?

tomb of Ibraham Lodhi situated?

first Indian cricket player to score triple century in test cricket.
Virendra Sehwag
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