RRB Group D Test 4

‘Alps Mountains’
Young Fold Mountains
highest and most extensive mountain range in Europe.

 Pilibhit Tiger Reserve
Uttar Pradesh

 Lakhimpur Kheri and Bahraich districts of Uttar Pradesh.

For correcting Astigmatism
Cylindrical lens

Ohm's law was given by ________.
George Simon Ohm


“Growth with justice” _main objectives of which Five-Year Plan?

book named "India at Risk"?
Jaswant Singh

Who invented first working laser?
T. H. Maiman

 B. C. Roy Award

Term “Back hand” is associated to?


Connecting link b/w animal & plant is called __.

Euglena _chlorophyll like plants_No cell wall like animals.

Revolt of 1857 was described as 'A National Rising' by ________.
Benjamin Disraeli

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