Science GK For Railway Exam (One Liners)

Fuse wire is made of lead + tin.

 A transformer works on principle of electromagnetic induction.

>Electromagnetic or magnetic induction is the production of an electromotive force across an electrical conductor in a changing magnetic field.

Soft iron is used for making electromagnets.

Steel is used for making permanent magnets.

Water Gas-  mixture of Carbon Monoxide + Hydrogen.

>obtained by passing water vapour over red hot carbon.

* widely used in manufacture of ammonia & methyl alcohol.

Lithium is the strongest reducing agent.

* Aqua regia is mixture of one part of nitric acid.

* Methyl alcohol (CH₃OH) -  wood alcohol, or wood spirit

Crescograph is an instrument used in recording growth of plants. It was invented by Dr. J. C. Bose.

In some plants fruits are developed from ovary without fertilization. This type of fruit is called parthenocarpy.

Normally these types of fruits are seedless. Example— Banana, Papaya, Orange, Grapes, Pine-apple etc.

Plant diseases
(i) Viral Diseases:
Mosaic disease of tobacco:

(ii) Bacterial Diseases:
(a) Wilt of Potato:
(b) Bacterial blight of Rice:

*Lack of proteins Causes kwashiorkor & Marasmus.

Vitamin was invented by Sir F. G. Hopkins. The term Vitamin was coined by Funk.

Synthesis of Vitamin–D takes place by ultra violet rays present in the sunlight through cholesterol of skin

*Vitamin–K is synthesized in our colon by the bacteria.

*Globin is a proteinous compound.

*The iron compound found in hemoglobin as haematin

*Number of RBC is measured by- hemocytometer.
>It is used for counting blood cells.

*Some animals release chemicals called pheromones which can be detected by other members. 


metals, metalloids and non metals are found in p-block

Mass of a hydrogen atom is 1837 time the mass of an electron.

Chloroplast, cell wall and vacuole are present in a matured stomata but plasmodesma is not present in a matured stomata.

Hypermetropia~ focal length of eye lens is too long.

>hypermetropia~ image of an object is formed behind retina & therefore, person cannot see clearly nearby objects

>The near-point of an eye having hypermetropia is more than 25 cm

Antibiotics are useful for infections of bacteria.

Substances which have very low ignition temperature and can easily catch fire with a flame~inflammable substances

*Classes comprising animals like fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds along with mammals~ Phylum

largest phylum of Animalia which includes insects is~ Arthropoda

*Insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting.

In each testes in a male reproductive system, There are 250 compartments called testicular lobules.

# predominant stage of life cycle of a moss is gametophyte which consists of two stages.

*The first stage is the protonema.

The second stage is the leafy.

**In Animal Kingdom classification, the Phylums are Mollusca, Chordata and Annelida.

Stainless Steel~ iron + carbon + metals like chromium, nickel & manganese.

 The melting point of ice is 273.16 K.

Bryophytes are also called amphibians of plant kingdom.

#Animals belonging to phylum chordata ~fundamentally characterised by presence of a notochord, a dorsal hollow nerve cord and paired pharyngeal gill slits.

Fabric made from polyester does not get wrinkled easily.

# Members of Chlorophyceae are called green algae

Members of Rhodophyceae are called red algae.

Members of Phaeophyceae are called brown algae.

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