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Correct que

In [Astana] SCO summit= India full member.

>SCO headquarter= Beijingfounded in 2001. 

Full members of SCO: 
Four Former Soviet Countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan.)

 Jim Corbett National Park= 1936

Anti- tobacco day= 31 May

• Tropical forest= Silent Valley
• Conifer forest= Himachal Pradesh

• Deciduous forest= Rajasthan

•Lowering voting age from 21 to 18= 61st Amendment

*• Curtailment of power judicial review= 38th Amendment

• Abolition of Right to property fundamental right= 44th Amendment

Members in Rajyasabha
• Kerala - 9

• Odisha – 10

• Gujarat - 11
• Karnataka - 12

[Trick: KO GK]

Rajya Sabha First Constituted in [1952 ]

>Dr S. Radhakrishnan= First Chairman of Rajya Sabha

 Zonal councilAdvisory + Unconstitutional Body.

>set up Under States Reorganization Act, 1956

>Chandigarh= Included under Northern Zonal Council.

• [Zabt]=land revenue in Deccan= reign of Akbar (1556-1605)

• Adinatha (Rishabhanatha)= Bull  (1st)

• Parsavnatha=  Snake (23rd)

• Mallinatha – Water Jar
>eminent critic, known for his commentaries on 5 mahakavyas of Sanskrit

[Jinnah] + Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad : supported Swaraj Party in Central Legislative Assembly in pre-independent India

Cold ocean currentCanaries + Humboldt + Oyashio

Warm current= Agulhas
Indian Ocean.

Border with Israel= Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, 

[Tricks- SE JL ]

Correct chronological sequence
Champaran Satyagraha+ Ahmedabad Mill Strike +

Kheda Peasant struggle+ Satyagraha against Rowlatt Act,

Salem Steel Plant (Unit of SAIL)=NOT close to raw material area.

>raw material e.g. Coal from Dhanbad.

Idukki= Hydroelectric project

Ghatprabha= Irrigation project

Ramganga: Multipurpose project

• Dudhsagar - Mandavi

•*Duduma waterfall= Machhkund (Jalaput Dam)=Andhra Pradesh

Gokak=  Ghatprabha

[Gondwana] system =90% of coal of India

[Shifting Cultivation]
•* Western Ghats= Kumari

•* North-east India= Jhum

•* Madhya Pradesh + Chhattisgarh=  Dahiya

• South-east Rajasthan- Waltre

 [City]         [River]
Khartoum (Capital of Sudan)= Nile

Brazzaville (Capital of Congo)= Zaire

Rotterdam (City in Netherlands)- Rhine

• Paris- Seine

Diastase enzyme breakdown of starch into maltose.

 Tartaric acid= grapes, tamarind, banana.

Dolphin = largest brain in proportion to its body size.

>most smart creature among all animal kingdom.

 Stones present in gall bladder = affect digestion of [fat]
>Calcium deposits= gallstone.

New Development Bank= established in China by BRICS countries.


Unskilled labour in Uttar Pradesh =Rs. 5750

G-20 summits 2019= Osaka japan

Global gender equality index= India: 95


Sex ratio as per Census 2011

India-  940

Haryana- 879 (Lowest)

Industry Centre
• Sports goods= Meerut

• Matchbox = Bareilly

• Brassware=  Moradabad

• Wood carving=  Saharanpur

UNO, definition of absolute poverty in=1995

Social development under UNESCO held in= 1st world summit: Copenhagen



11th BRICS Summit 2019= Brasília, Brazil.

Saraswati Samman 2018= K Siva Reddy

Forest Research Institute= Dehradun

• Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute=Jhansi

• Central Arid Zone Research Institute - Jodhpur

• Indian Agricultural Research Institute – New Delhi

Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter in air= Size: less than 5 μm [microne]

9 Agro Climatic Zones in Uttar Pradesh

order of biological organization_  simplest to most complex.
Population →Community → Ecosystem →Landscape

[United Nations] General Assembly= 2018-2028 as International Decade for Action on water.

Optimum CO2 concentration_ for natural balance in atmosphere=

• Amount of rain depends on= [Humidity in atmosphere].

 maximum plant bio-mass=
Swamp & Marshes>[Tropical Rain Forest] > Coral Reefs

Forest Conservation Act enacted in=1980

President Keeps Bill Pending (neither ratifies nor rejects nor return) _not take any action on Bill= Pocket Veto.

4th ScheduleAllocation of seats in Council of States (Rajya Sabha)

*>12 members= nominated from art, literature, science.

**Concept of Union of States in Indian Constitution= Australian Constitution.

Judicial Review borrowed from= US Constitution.

Sarkaria Commission= To Review existing arrangements b/w Union + States. 

>Chairmanship of=  R.S. Sarkaria + B. Sivaraman + {S.R. Sen} (Member)

model code of conduct = to be followed by political parties as soon as an election is announced.

• Model Code of conduct= Enacted by [Election Commission of India.]

[president] = empowered to form Inter State Council.

Policy cut Motion = Budget demand is reduced to Rs. 1

Economy cut motion – Budget demand be reduced by a specified amount.

Token cut Motion= Budget demand is reduced by Rs. 100

>Vote on account= interim permission of parliament to spend money.

3rd schedule
a) oath of office for a Minister for Union.
b) oath made by Chief Justice of Supreme Court.
d) oath made by Member of Parliament.

>Oaths & Affirmation of Judges of SC, HC & CAG, Candidate contesting in Election of Parliament Members of Parliament, Members of Parliament & Union Cabinet Minister.

Bullock Capitalist= Farmers who are rich

Article 21
>Protection of Life & Personal Liberty
>Pollution of quality of water

right against sexual harassment at workplace, right to reputation,

right to livelihood, right to social security & protection of family,

right to health, right to medical care, right to clean environment etc.

Kanheri Caves= group of caves + rock-cut monuments= Mumbai

*[Francisco Pelsaert] Dutch= visited India during Jahangir.

*Last ruler of Jaunpur stateHussain Shah

Barabar Hill Caves= oldest rock cut caves= Mauryan Empire =

Matsya Mahajanapada = Rajasthan

>Capital= viratanagar.

• Gandhar Art=  Kushanas

Junagarh Rock inscription= Rudradaman I

• Milinapanho= Menander

•*Taxila inscriptions= Patika

Deccan Kisan revolt=  1875

*Sanyasi revolt=  1770- 1820

Kol uprising=    1832

*[Raja Ram Mohan Roy]= opposed Jury Act of 1826.

**Dutch trading center= Surat, Bharuch, Agra, 

Coromandel (East Coast of India) + Malabar region (Southern Part of west coast)

Gopal Krishna Gokhale= Servants of India Society

*Jatiya Sarkar formed in= Midnapur, Bengal

Which trial drew sympathetic comments from = [Albert Einstein, H.G.Wells, Harold Laski & Roosevelt in favor of convicts]

Meerut conspiracy case

[Macaulay] remarked about East India Company.

=“The Company is an anomaly but it is part of a system where everything is an anomaly”.

[Uttar Pradesh] = lowest proportion of Scheduled Tribes (0.57)

>Mizoram =highest proportion of Scheduled Tribes (94.43).

*Oil capital of Europe= Aberdeen


[Colorado Plateau] = Largest Plateau in North America.

*[Alauddin Khalji]= Defeated by Kakatiya Rulers at Warangal= Battle of Upparapalli.

Kakatiya Dynasty (1163 – 1323)= capital: Orugallu (Warangal).

India’s deepest port = Paradip

Kandla Port (Deendayal Port)= Kutuch, Gujarat

*Red Sea = Example of [Axial Trough].

*• Balco=  Korba
• Hindalco- Renukut

• Indian Aluminum company= Hirakud

• NALCO=  Koraput

*• [Ludwigs Canal]= inland waterway in Southern Germany.

>It Connects Danube Basin + Rhine Basin.

Large coffee plantations= Brazil [Fazendas]

*capital of Equatorial GuineaMalabo

*Jackal have Paw.= animal's hooves not found

Rani Jhansi maritime National Park=  Andaman district.
>founded in [1996]

 [brain] =not feel pain_pricked by needle= no Touch Receptors.

Artificial satellite can be tracked very precisely from earth by using = [Doppler effect].

• Doppler radar is a specialized radar that uses Doppler effect.

consumption of electricity 
E = number of bulbs x power of each bulbs x time
= KWh

Mobile phone charger= step down transformer

• Opium= fruit

• Hing= Root

• Rubber- Stem

• Quinine- Bark

Television viewers using dish antenna to receive satellite signals do not receive signals during rain because of

>small size of antenna, 
>rain droplets absorb energy of radio waves, 

>rain droplets disperse energy of radio waves from their original direction.

*Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana= Social Security Act 2008 =unorganized sector workers

>beneficiary= Below Poverty Line family.

• [Angel Investors/ Venture capital/ Crowdfunding/Private Investor/seed Investor] = Provide capital for startup in exchange for Ownership Equity.

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