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Sleep apnea= inhibits breathing during sleep for a short period of time.

Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)= type of surgery that improves blood flow to heart. 

>During CABG, a healthy artery or vein from body is connected, or grafted, to blocked coronary artery.

>coronary artery that is used for graft in by-pass surgery _can be harvested from chest, from leg and or from fore arm.

Biological resurfacing= knee

Cerebral palsy= Small children

Some marine animals & insects emit light from their body in darkness. known as Phosphorescence+ Bioluminescence.

Very dangerous explosive
>Trinitro toluene + di-nitro glycerine + Cyclo Trimethylene trinitramine.

>Nitrochlorophyll =for anesthesia treatment.

Homi Bhabha Prize is given for= Theoretical Physics

Rudradaman-I = Renovated Sudarshan lake.

*Dastar Bandan= 'Ulema'

**Title of Sahibar-uz-Zamani= Jahan Ara
>bestowed by Aurangzeb.

Boundary b/w Delhi Sultan + Mongols = Indus

>during period of Alauddin Khiliji after 1306 A.D.

*Which Sufi Saint ‘Mahbub-l-Hahi’ = Sheikh Nizamuddin Kaki

**Khwaha Moinuddin Chisti disciple of Khwaja Usman Haruni


from que 21

Akbarnama completed by Abul Fazl in= 7 Years

Sarnath Budhhist image inscription of Kanishka = 81 AD

*LG of Bengal at time of Partition= Henderson Leith Fraser

*British journalist H.W. Nevinson  =Swadeshi Movement

Last INC session attended by Bal Gangadhar Tilak= Amritsar Session, 1919


From 26

In book Hind Swaraj= Mahatma Gandhi call British Parliament as sterile & prostitute.

Drafting Congress Inquiry Committee report on Jallianwala Bagh Massacre = Mahatma Gandhi

**First editor of journal Indian OpinionMansukhlal Nazar

Dadabhai Naoroji

>first Indian_ professor of Mathematics & Physics at Elphinstone College, Bombay

>Member of British parliament= 1892.

>Gujarati Journal= Rast Goftar

>INC, 3 times= 1886, 1893, 1906.

After sentence of B.G, Tilak, Max Muller pleaded for mercy & said: “My interest in Tilak is that of a Sanskrit scholar.

‘Swaraj’ was uttered for first time= INC Banaras Session, 1905

Rowlatt Bill as an Act= 8 March 1919 Act

BG Tilak passed away= 1920

(A) S. C. Bose= Indian Struggle 

(B) Durga Das= India from Curzon to Nehru and After

Sarojini Naidu= Dharsana Raid


From que 36

Under chairmanship of Motilal Nehru= committee formed to defend accused in Kakori Case.

>Roshan Singh, Asafaq Ulla Khan, Rajendra Lahiri =sentenced to death for robbing train in 1925. 

*book “The Man Who Divided India” = Rafiq Zakaria

Ramprasad Bismil refused to drink given milk on eve of his execution and said “Now, I shall take my mother’s milk only.”

*Alan Campbell Johnson= took Mahatma Gandhi’s gain in Gandhi-Irwin Pact as “Consolation Prizes

>Alan Campbell Johnson termed Gandhi Irwin Pact as=consolation prize.

(a)Bhagat Singh= Why I am an atheist
(b) Sachindranath Sanyal= Bandi Jivan

(c) Lalu Ramsaram Das= The Dreamland
(d) Bhagawati Charan Vohra= Philosophy of Bomb

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel= seconded resolution on partition in meeting of All India Congress Committee held in New Delhi in 1947.

Indian Independence Bill received royal Assent=18th July, 1947

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel= Karachi Session of INC (1931) as pinnacle of Mahatma Gandhi’s popularity & prestige.

**Dr. Kitchlew took passing of resolution on partition on meeting of Congress Committee (1947) as a= "Surrender of Nationalism in favour of Communalism.

>Saifuddin Kitchlew =opposed acceptance of Partition of India. 

>He called it a blatant 'surrender of nationalism for communalism'.

Election Commissioner removed by =President on recommendation of chief Election Commissioner.


from 46

A judge of Supreme Court resign by writing a letter to= President

Financial relations b/w Union Govt + States= Article 268 to 281
= Part-12

Members of drafting committee of Constitution= N. Gopalaswami
+ Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar

>Number of members of draft committee, including president= 7

Public Service Commission Article= 315-322

* Largest Union Territory of India = J & K

Kesavananda Bharti case 1973= concept of Basic Structure of Constitution.

A political party recognized as regional party, if
6% votes in State= either in Lok Sabha or Assembly election.

Correct sequence of states created is- 
Andhra pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Telangana

Federal Court in India = Government of India Act 1935.

TRYSEM is a programme of= Rural Development

>TRYSEM was launched in 1979-80 

‘Vision 2020 for India’ document related to= Economic Development

‘Vicious Circle of Poverty’concept related to= Nurske

Estimation of poverty at National + State level=Planning Commission

RIDF= Rural Infrastructure Development Fund

>for financing ongoing rural Infrastructure projects.

All Education Campaign - 2001
Literate India- 2009

operation blackboard- 1987
national literacy mission- 1988

Dachigam wildlife sanctury=   j & k

total railway length= United States> Canada> India> Germany.

>States in India= Uttar Pradesh> Rajasthan> Maharashtra

busiest ocean trade route = North Atlantic

uranium ore deposits= Canada

Japan is near self-sufficient= Copper

Thyphoons _ China

**Baguio _ Philippines

Veld- South Africa

Air Pressure is lowest in= Summer Season

*A) Rajaji National Park : Elephant 

**(B) Periyar National Park : Elephant 

(C) Manas National Park : Elephant / Rhinoceros 

(D) Dudhwa National Park : Tiger

**Production of sugarcane in 2013= U.P.> Maharashtra> Karnataka.

During 12th Five Year Plan, growth rate of agriculture, forestry & fish farming= 4.0%

Bimal Jalan Panel= Scrutinize application for new bank licences.


Protein Speaker for 17th Lok Sabha=   Virendra Kumar

Theme of ‘World Development Report, 2018’ was
LEARNING to Realize Education’s Promise

president of World Trade Organization = Roberto Azevêdo

How many countries took part in FIFA World Cup 2018
32 nations

In which of the following three states were held the Vidhan Sabha Election along with Lok Sabha Election, 

Indian Science Congress

According to HDR 2013, the percentage of population suffering from multidimensional poverty in India is


from 101

2018 Women's Hockey World Cup= Netherlands

Host‎=  ‎England

7th Pay Commission headed by=  Ashok Kumar Mathur 

world's highest executioner= [Iraq]

International Crop Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics

Hindenberg line= Germany + Poland

"ABC Index" related with;



>not related with [Poverty]

NEERI located at= Nagpur

Highest population density in UP= Ghaziabad

*lowest percentage share of child population in rural area= Haryana

Agenda-21= agreements
>Agenda 21 (1994) has 4 agreements.

>Golden Langur
>Desert Cat
>Hoolock Gibbon 

To maintain ecological balance, area under forest= 33%

‘Green Mufler’ = Noise Pollution
>sound pollution (80 decimals)

Smog is not a secondary pollutant.

secondary pollutant
>Sulphur dioxide

Mica is not found in Uttar Pradesh?

>Jharkhand = monopoly on production +storage of mica= Koderma + Hazaribagh.

Sandi Wildlife Sanctuary= Hardoi

Biotechnology Park= Lucknow

Agro-climate zones in UP= 9



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