AFCAT Mock Test 2

When was Indian Constitution adopted?
[26th November, 1949]

Which continent_largest coastline?

In which language and script most of Ashoka’s records were written?

>Most of scripts of Asoka_written in 3 languages – Prakrit, Greek & Aramaic.

>Prakrit inscriptions_mainly written in Kharosthi & Brahmi scripts.

first recipients of Bharat Ratna
[Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan] _ first vice president.

[C. Rajagopalachari

[C. V. Raman]

Geet Sethi : Billiards

capital of Nigeria?

Basketball:  5 players.

Founder of Awadh state was.
Saadat Ali Khan I

{Faizabad was the capital of Awadh}


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