DRDO Mock test 1

Judges of Supreme Court are appointed by the President= Article 124(2)

Balwant Rai Mehta Committee recommendation
Gram panchayat representatives should be elected by the direct election.

whereas Panchayat Samiti & Zila Parishad members should be elected by the indirect election.

Not attempted

Sattriya: Assam

Dafla Tribe= Arunachal Pradesh

Bhutia, Lepcha= Sikkim

Lushai= Mizoram

International Day of the Girl Child = 11th October.

Central Scientific Instruments Organization = Chandigarh

Scissor Cup= Football

National Milk Day = 26 November 2019.

Articles 20 and 21 =Never suspended.

>44th Constitutional amendment act, 1978

Prithvi = first missile built by India.

ICAN, headquartered = Geneva, Switzerland. 

Virupaksha Temple in Hampi= UNESCO World Heritage site
>built by Deva Raya II.

Harihara I and Bukka founded = Sangama Dynasty.

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