UPPSC 2015 P1

largest pecies of ‘toothed-whales’= Sperm whale

Grains of Basmati rice get elongated on being cooked=Amylose

If a disease breaks out across a large regionPandemic

>A pandemic is an epidemic of disease that has spread across a large region.

Edaphic =concerns soil.

Blue colour of sky = Scattering of light

**Tetraplagia= paralysis of both hands & both legs

Neno plug = A small hearing aid


Pyrheliometer measure= Solar radiation

Water borne diseases= cholera, diarrhea, pachis etc

Plasmid= used in Genetic Engineering.

BronzeCopper + Tin

[cytokinin] = promote cytokenesis or cell division in plant.


From 26

A) Ashoka=  Priyadarsin
B) Samudragupta=  Parakramank

C) Chandragupta-II = Vikramadiya
D) Skandgupta=  Kramaditya

>king of Syria sent Deimachus to Bindusaru court.

The Natural History=  by Pliny the Elder.

**5 topics of Purana

Sarga +Pratisarga + Vansa + Manyatars + Vanshnucharita 

**Seven elements in Saptang Theory of State 

(1) Raja, (2) Amatya, (3) Janapad, (4) Durga, (5) kosha, (6) force, (7) friends. 

*Polygars of South India= Territorial Administratives + military Governors

DantiDurga performed ritual= Hiranya-Garbha

*Revolutionary Communist party founded by= Saumyandra Nath Tagore.

Congress elected 1st woman President= Calcutta Session 1917

Kamagatamaru’ was = A ship

Tarkeshwar movement,1924 in Bengal = Corruption in temples

Deepavali Declaration,1929 related to= Dominion status

Namit Sharma v/s Union of India= Right to Information Act, 2005

Fundamental Duties


from 51

National Human Rights Commission= Headed by former Chief Justice.

>Chairperson of NHRC:  [5 years] or till age of [70 years]

Union Finance Commission can recommend = financial assistace to panchayats.

Speaker exercise a casting vote_when equality of votes= Article 100

Federal characteristics of Constitution of India
1) Written Constitution
(2) Clear split of powers between Union and States

(3) Supremacy of constitution.
(4) Complexity of constitutional amendment process.

(5) Independent Judiciary & Judiciary Executive and Legislative Magazine.

(6) Separate government in center and states.

Office of lokayukta _first established=Maharashtra

>to tackle cases of adminitrative corruption & nepotism. 

Number of Central Ministers=15% of total number of Lok Sabha members= 91st Amendment, 2003

Right to vote in India= [Legal right]

Anglo-Indian in Lok Sabha= Article 331

Executive power of Union vests in=President

Time of zero-hour = 12 noon to 1.00 am

>time immediately after Que Hour is called zero-hour. It runs from 12 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Gandhian Plan expounded in 1944 by= Shriman Narayan Agarwal


From 81

more than 30% area under national parks= Israel

 Hoover Dam= [Colorado river]

country of 40 tribes= Kyrgyzstan

largest producer of copper= Chile

Jawalamukhi Shakti peetha town= Himachal Pradesh

IDA= Sanction of soft loans.

SAARC= promotes cooperation among South Asian Countries.

A new chapter on sustainable development + climate change _first introduced in Economic Survey of= 2011-12

>For first time in Economic Survey [2011-12], a new chapter of hazardous development & climate change was added.

[Halocline]= water salinity gradient.

Marine national park= Gulf of Mannar

World's Tallest Waterfall/ [World's Highest Waterfall]= Angel Falls

Kalahari Desert= middle of botswana Africa.

>located in southern hemisphere.

Texas=  Chemical

Manchester= cotton textiles.

Golden Triangle=  Opium producing area of south East Asia

Bermuda Triangle=  North Atlantic Ocean

Rice bowl of Far East=  Myanmar

Red Basin=   China

Major fish producing states
(1) West Bengal (2) Andhra pradesh (3) Gujarat 

Toda=     Tamil Nadu

Lepcha=   Sikkim

Birhoor=  Jharkhand

From 101

‘Dooth-Ganga’ river= Jammu & Kashmir

Ghost town (or deserted city or abandoned city)

>abandoned village, town, or city that contains substantial visible remaining buildings & infrastructure such as roads. 

Kuldhara+ Dhanushkodi + Lakhpat

Fatehpur Sikri
Old Goa, 
Rose Isaland (Andaman)
Vijay Nagaram (Karnataka)

Anchar lake= Jammu & Kashmir

Koleru Lake = Andhra Pradesh 

Hamir Sir Lake= Gujarat

Ashtamudi= Kerala

Roop kund= Uttarkhand

Surajkund= Haryana

[Eden canals]= taken out from Damodar river, West Bengal.

From 111

Earth Hour= 30 March 2019

Next= 28 March 2020, from 8:30

World Toilet Day= 19th November

cryogenic indicator of climate change= Ice core

Little Ice Age= 1650 AD-1870 AD
>16th century to 19th century.

disappearance of vultures_painkiller= Diclofenac (Diclofenac). 

Water pollution with Arsenic= West Bengal

Smoke from cigarete = Carbon monoxide + Benzene

Astronomical theories of climate change

>centricity of earth’s orbit

>Obliquity of earth’s rotational axis

>Precession of equinoxes.

Megadiverse Country= Australia

First World Climate Conference= 1979  [Geneva ]

First Earth Summit=  1992  [Agenda - 21] [Rio-de-jenerio]

Earth Summit Plus-5 - 1997

 Carbon Trading -  Kyoto Conference 1997.

Mixing of ethanol in gasoline _legally mandatory= [Brazil.]

Significant factor in coral bleaching= Global warming

Census-2011, literacy rate of UP= 67.68%

sex-ratio in India, 2011 Census= 943

%age of population of UP to India’s population =16.16

flow of energy in biological ecosystem= [unidirection]


[Oil companies] determine oil prices in India.

 marine national park?

‘country of 40 [tribes]’?

Tribes in India

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