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Aedes albopictus= known as (Asian) tiger mosquito or forest mosquito.

>transmission of many viral pathogens= yellow fever virus
dengue fever + Chikungunya fever.

Photosynthesis from invisible part of sunlight is done by=[bacteria]. 

Cyanobacteria or Cyanophyta = only form of oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria known to date.

National Institute for Mental Handicapped= Hyderabad.

descending order of nuclear power plants =United States> France > Japan> Russia

Kalapakkam + Kudankulam Nuclear Plant=Tamil Nadu

Kakarapar Atomic Power Plant= Gujarat

Tarapur Nuclear Reactor= Maharashtra

Tyrosine = a non-essential amino acid. 

>It can help= to increase level of energy
>It can cope with emotional & environmental stress.
>It can combat depression.

Allvar Saint= Poyagai + Pudam + Tirumangai

Subhadda= last person converted by Buddha

'Sita' in Maurya age means= revenue from crown land.

For treatment of patients, Ferozeshah Tughlaq established=
[Dar-ul-Shafa] or Khairati Clinic in Delhi. 

Illtitmish=  silver coin called ‘tanka

Gayatri Mantra =Rigveda= composed by Vishwamitra.

‘Dakshinamurti’ idol of Shiva depicts him as a= teacher.

Chinese writers mention India by name of= [ Yin-tu ]

Chinese have used word Li-n-chu or Chu-atu for India, but after Hansang, Yin- tu word is followed.

Abdul Qadir Badauni=  translated Ramayana into Persian_ (Akbar)

In Jahangir's reignKhusrau revolted in 1606, Khurram revolted in 1623 and Mahavat Khan revolted in 1626.

>Khusrau +Khurram+ Mahavat Khan 

Battle of Masulipatnam =1759= Forde = British victory

Battle of Condore (or, Battle of Rajahmundry) = Part of 3rd Carnatic War= 1756-63= Seven Years War

Lady Catherin Miyo=      Mother India     

Ram Manohar Lohia=  Guilty Men of India’s Partition

 Larry Coolins + Dominique Lapierre= Freedom at Midnight

Lahore Session of Muslim League (1940) presided over by =Mohammad Ali Jinah

In 1942, at Bombay convention of Congress, Jawaharlal Nehru proposed to ‘Quit India’ resolution.

Jawaharlal Nehru=  ‘Quit India’ resolution was moved in  Bombay Session of Congress in year 1942.

Tinkathia system = Cultivation of Indigo on 3/20 area of land= peasants of Champaran.

Karachi Session, 1931= Mahatma Gandhi said, “Gandhi may die but Gandhism will remain forever”?

Deccan Educational Society=established by B Chhipunkar in Pune= with help of BG Tilak + M.B. Joshi.

“Tilak is father of Indian unrest,”= V. Chirol

After formation of ministries in provinces in 1937, Congress rules lasted for= 28 months

Tej Bahadur Sapru + M. R. Jayakar = first demanded dominion status for india.

Sir T.B. Sapro = Pleaded from side of Indian National Army Officers in their Red Fort trial.

Sir Shankaran Nair = Resigned from Executive Council of Viceroy= protesting Jalliawala Bagh Massacre.

Article 169 = creation or abolition of Legislative Councils in States.

National Commission for SC and ST= Article 338 and 338A 


From 41

Article 39A- Equal justice and free legal aid

Article 40= village panchayats

Article 50- Separation of judiciary from executive

High Courts in Bombay Madras + Calcutta=1861

Members of Panchayat Samiti = Directly elected by people.

>Balwant Rai Mehta Committee= establishment of a 3-tier Panchayati Raj system.

List of committees  regarding Panchayati Raj in India:

Balwant Rai Mehta 1957
V.T. Krishnammachari 1960

Takhatmal Jain Study Group 1966
Ashok Mehta Committee 1978

G.V.K. Rao Committee 1985
L.M. Singhvi Committee 1986

P.K. Thungon Committee 1989
S. Mohinder Singh 2013


Part IX = Rural Local Self Government= 73′rd constitutional amendment act.=Panchayat Raj.

part IX(A)= Urban Local Self Government known as Municipal= 74′th constitutional amendment act.

part IX(B) = Co-operative Societies.

UP Zamindari abolition & Land Reforms Act, 1950
first constitutional amendment= Ninth schedule 

Zakir Hussain= 3rd president & 2nd vice-president, 

policy of liberalization, privatization and globalization= 1991-92
Narsimha Rao

Gandhiyan economy is based on principle of= Trusteeship

**RIDF (Rural Infrastructure Development Fund)
rural water supply+  rural roads+ rural electrification 

Most appropriate measure of a country’s economic growth= Per Capital Product.

National Stock Exchange of India
on recommendartion of Firvani Committee. 

Bank of baroda
Canara Bank

**Swadhar is scheme= started in 2001-2002
>for benefit of women living in difficult situations =by Ministry of Women & Child Development, 

Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana=  to fulfil rural needs= such as primary education, health protection, drinking water, housing, rural roads.

*Due to low production of pulses= not exported from India.

FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) = implemented in 2002.

A) Paper= Titagarh, West Bengal

B) Cement= Lakheri, Rajasthan 

C) Iron & steel= bhilai

D) Mineral Oil Refinery= Ambalamugal, Kochi

Eco Mark Scheme, 1991
>to encourage consumers to buy products of less harmful environment impact.

(Biosphere Reserve)
Nokrek = Meghalaya

Dehang Debang= Arunachal Pradesh

Agasthyamalai= Kerala

Greenhouse gases= water vapor, CO2, methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), ozone (O3).

{oxide of sulfur + nitrogen =does NOT contribute to global warming}

***Two main measures of conservation of biodiversity = in-situ protection & ex-situ protection. 

Under in-situ protection =16 major Bio-protected + 89 national parks + 490 wildlife conservation areas + 120 botanical gardens. 

>Important strategy for conservation of biodiversity= Biosphere Reserves

***Euro-II emission standards = Sulphur content in ultra low sulphur diesel0.05% or less than this.

Agenda 21=an action plan for conservation of global environment in 21st century.

>UN organized Environment & Development Conference, 1992 in Rio-de-Janeiro.= also called 'Earth Summit'.

Acid rain= Nitrous oxide + Sulphur dioxide

Concept of biosphere reserves= Eduard Suess

Ecology= Ernst Haeckel 

Ecosystem= A.G. Tansley 

Euro standard includes 
Carbon monoxide + Hydro carbons+ Nitrogen oxides

Highest population density= West Bengal

***Pyramid of population, age group above 60 years= dependent population.

Female literacy rates in UT= Lakshadweep > Daman & Diu.

Lipulekh= Uttarakhand

Rohtang - Himachal Pradesh

 Visakhapatnam =best natural harbor= India's deepest harbor.

Artificial port= Chennai Port +Tuticorin

River Sutlej= Rakas Tal near Mansarovar Lake (Tibet).

Ramsar Sites
Chilka Lake +Loktak +Keoladeo +Wuller Lake

Ukai= Jharkhand

Patratu= Jharkhand

Dabhol= Madhya Pradesh

Kuzantsk= Town in Russia

Lancashaire= ‎England

highest % of geographical area under forests. (2013)
Japan > Indonesia> India

**India= 24.4 %

Mizoram (86.27%) >  Andaman & 0Nicobar Island (81.73%),

Aluminium= Jaykaynagar

Copper= Malanjkhand

Zinc= Tundoo

Jute= Bhatpara

***Adam’s Bridge begins from= Dhanuskodi.

Bolivia = Tin

Brazil = Iron Ore

Mexico=  Silver

>Peru is famous for=Copper, Crude Oil and Gold etc.

List-I (River)        List-II (Dam)
A) Colorado =     Hoover

B) Damodar=     Panchet Hill

C) Nile =            Aswan  

D) Zambezi =    Cariba

Myanmar= export of rice.

 Right to Information Act received assent of President.
15th June, 2005

>came into effect all over the country= 12 October, 2005.

Zangmu Dam= China= Brahmaputra river .

Churk= Cement

Meerut= Sport’s goods

Secretariat of West Bengal is known as= Writers' Building

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