RAS 2009

Mahajanpad situated on bank of river godawari

Bull-Seal of Indus valley civilization

Muslim league formed govt. after 1946 election in

Port Paradeep

Generally Coral reefs are found at:
In coastal areas between Cancer and Capricorn

Baxa tiger project


Union govt. to protect states= against external aggression and internal disturbance:
article 355

Handloom mark shows the standard of:
Handloom cloths

moon of Saturn

Pearl is mainly constituted of:
Calcium carbonate

when salt is added in water:
Boiling point increases +freezing point decreases.

Polythene is polymer of ethylene

diagnosing the death by drowning:
Diatom test

Archaeopteryx" is connecting link between:
Reptiles and aves

Mammoth is the ancestor of:

Pheromones are found in:

transgenic Crop "GOLDEN RICE"
major source of vitamin A.

most stable 'ecosystem' is the Marine.

Oceans are considered to be the most stable ecosystem in nature. 

CHANDRAYAN-II was lauched from:

Hot spot of biodiversity in india:

Azolla-Anabaena Bio-fertilizer

Mangala and Bhagyam oil fields

Per capita income at current Price

Suncity= Jodhpur

Jodhpur is famous as 'Surya Nagri'.
Jodhpur is also called 'Blue City'

in Udaipur district, is famous for iron ore.

Booker Prize

Gyan Peetha award

Chairmen of ISRO

 president of South africa

Bharat Ratna:

governor of West Bengal:

Andha Yug
Play by Dharamvir Bharati

UN General Assembly President

National water development agency

Symbol of world wild life

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