RAS 2010

1. valley of Ghagghar and its tributaries:

2. buddhist council

During Maurya period, the tax on land

 tax on land was collected by an officer, named:

Gupta period
cloth production

Sangam period
 terms Kon, Ko and Manna used for [king]

“Ashta Diggaj”
Krishna dev rai

First Murti-Pooja(idol worship) in India was done for:

During Akbar period Land revenue system “Ain-A-Dahsala”

First three Universities (Kolkata, Mumbai, Madras)
 established during the tenure of Governor-General Lord Canning 1857

Congress Working Committee meeting at Wardha 

State with Highest Minerals exploration is

Tamilnadu-Andhrapradesh coastal area= Coromandel

Western Himalay is known for:

Kapili River

Sariska and Ranthambore is reserved for 


newest Biosphere reserve of India:


Dehang Debang

National park known for Rhino(GENDA):

'Plateau of Brazil' = known for Metals (minerals) in South America:

celebes sea map
South-East Asia

 island of Borneo

Baku region is famous for mineral oil mining.

Chile (South America) is famous for nitrate minerals.

Caspian Sea is close sea

India Import
Food Oil

In Petrol –
Carbon, hydrogen

parasite plasmodium:

Plant on Rocks are called:

Collection of preserved plant specimens:

Which is known as “Flame of the Forest” is:
Butea monosperma

Raman effect is used in:
Sun Glasses


New Industrial and Investment Policy

western desert surrounds more than 60% of Rajasthan. 

National Ayourvedic Institute

Dhaman, Kadar and Anjan are the grass varieties in Rajasthan. 

Which country has highest loan from world bank 

chaiman of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)

ST status is limited to Hindus and Christians only.

PM of UK

President of Iran

 Myanmar is not a member of SAARC.

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