Geography (Prelims 2019) Subject Test

Physical Geography

concept of first world continentality and isothermic maps

Guttenburg Discontinuity separates–[Lower mantle and outer core]

“Albedo” of the earth is mainly influenced by–[Presence of dust in atmosphere]

Albedo (al-bee-doh) is a measure of how much light that hits a surface is reflected without being absorbed.

Creation of ozone?
Photo Chemical Process

 water pollution
Biological oxygen demand (BOD)
Oil Silk

Great artesian basin

Cyclonic rain occurs due to–
Cooling caused by convergence of two air masses of different nature

 warm ocean current

Angulhas current
East Australian current
North East monsoon current

California current is cold.

Concentrations of gases like [helium and hydrogen] are found in [exosphere]. 
It is the topmost layer of the atmosphere. Where light gases are found.

West and East trade winds are examples of 
Permanent or Planetary winds

Condition responsible for formation of “Hail stones”
Strong wind currents
Temperature below freezing point
The incapacity of air to hold ice crystals

[Carbon dioxide]
transparent to solar radiation but opaque to terrestrial radiation.

 glass house or plant house (Green House) effect.

Oceanic crusts are made up of which substance?

 highly costly timber producing wood Heritiera Fomes is found in 
Mangrove forest and Swamp forest

 laterite soil
Best for cashew crop
Less amount of humus
Formed due to leaching of rain

[Mekong river]
originates from {Tonle Sap Lake}, which is the world's largest freshwater fishery.

 Lafillet= [A huge desert garden]

List-I    List-II
Gulf Stream  - Hot Stream

Peru Stream  - Pacific Ocean

Western Australian Current -Indian Ocean Stream

biome of lowest growth period is

The longest trees of the world are found in–[Equatorial Biome]

In which atmospheric layer, oxygen, hydrogen and helium atoms constitute rarer atmosphere–[Stratosphere]

In the stratosphere, sparse atmosphere is formed from atoms of oxygen, hydrogen and helium. 

The hot local air filled with dust in the Tarim Basin of Central Asia.


ascending order of the clouds with respect to their height from earth
Stratus, Cumulus, Cirrus

Cloud type as= high (cirrus, cirro-), middle (alto-), multi-level (nimbostratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus), and low (stratus, strato-) according to the altitude level.

combined of three forms Cumulo + Cirro + Stratus.

‘Le Havre’ bank is a fishing coast at–[North Atlantic Ocean Coast]

[Layer erosion]-  is called the death of farmer.
 degradation of the top fertile surface of the soil, which reduces the fertility and agricultural productivity of the soil.

 where tide occurs four times 

Who said that “All the types of climates of the world are found in India”? 

Temperature of ocean surface should be greater than water below 1 km of surface for producing OTEC Energy by [25° – 27°C]

OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion)


Indian Economic Geography

1. Controlling and preventing soil erosion is one of the objectives of Chambal Valley Project.
2. Construction of Jawahar Sagar Dam is part of Chambal Valley Project.

[Panchet hill, Maithan, Konar, Tilaiya] dams are part of Damodar Valley Project.

The only fair held in India, where barter system still exists is [Jonbeel Mela]

Central Assam

second most important industry after agriculture is–
Textile industry

In [Chennai], advanced factory for manufacturing modern cements was set up in 1904.

example of “Footloose Industry”?

National Highway Authority of India established? 

Name of the institution created by Indian government for marketing tribal produce?

Due to which of these projects Pakistan raised objections and world bank set up a Neutral Expert Committee? 
[Baglihar Project]

Baglihar Project is on Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir. 
Pakistan belive that construction of this dam is a violation of Indus Water Agreement of 1960 AD. 


World Geography

With reference to the genesis of earth, who gave “inter-stellar dust” theory?
Otto Schimdt

Kathmandu is situated on the confluence of which of these rivers?
Bagmati and Vishnumati

Cape Horn - In Argentina

Cape Comorin - in India

Cape of Good Hope - In South Africa

Cape York - In Australia

List-I (Dam)-  List-II (River)

Kariba  -Zambezi

Grand Coulee - Colombia

Three Gorges  -Yangtze kiang

Aswan -Nile River

La-Plata is situated near mouth of [Parana River]
 It is a river flowing in South Central America. 

Gran Chaco grassland is mainly found in–

Rurh region in Germany is famous for?
Coal deposits

Most industry in Japan is situated along–
Honshu Coast

The Panama Canal reduced the distance between New York to San Francisco ports.

“Loya Jirga” is the name of the Supreme assembly of [Afghanistan]

What is separated by the wallace line?
[Natural flora and fauna]

International Civil Aviation Organisation is situated in– 
Montreal (Canada)

Who first proposed the word “Geography”? 

What is Clathrate?
Methane gas trapped in ice 

Nix Olympia mountain higher than Mount Everest, is situated on
three times taller than Everest. 

Phobos and Demos are the two satellites of Mars. 


Indian Physical Geography

(i) Doddabetta is the highest mountain in the Nilgiri Mountains.

(ii) Anamudi is a mountain located in Indian state of Kerala. It is the highest peak in Western Ghats and South India.

It is located in southern region of {Eravikulam National Park} at junction of {Cardamom Hills, Anaimalai Hills, Palani Hills}

(iii) Parasnath is a mountain peak in Parasnath Range. >>> located in eastern end of Chota Nagpur Plateau in Giridih district of Jharkhand

 tree of Himalayan forest?
Indian Birch
White Willow

Ebony is a common name for very dense black wood trees. 

Largest river basin in India is Ganga basin. The largest river basin of peninsular rivers in India is [Godavari basin].

What River has the largest drainage basin?
The Mississippi River

Which group of rivers divides the Malawa Plateau–
Chambal, Kali Sindh, Parvati, Shipra

Malawa Plateau
bounded by {Madhya Bharat Plateau} and Bundelkhand Upland to north. 
Vindhya Range to the east and south.

The western part drained by [Mahi River], while [Chambal River] drains the central part, and [Betwa River] and the headwaters of [Dhasan and Ken rivers] drain the east. 

The [Shipra River] is of historical importance because of the Simhasth mela, held every 12 years. Other notable rivers are [Parbati, Gambhir and Choti Kali Sindh].

Arrange following passes, situated on Indian border, from east to west?

Bomdila, Nathula, Lipulekh, Shipkila

Bomdila Pass= Arunachal Pradesh

Shipki La Pass = Zaskar ranges in {Himachal Pradesh} (Satluj River flows through this pass)

Lipulekh Pass (लिपुलेख ला)= border b/w {Uttarakhand} & Tibet region of China,

Alluvial soil is made up of–
Alluvium, Clay and Sand

National River Conservation Directorate functions under which ministry?
[Ministry of Environment and forest.]

Ministry of Jal Shakti formed in May 2019 by merging of two ministries; 
(i) Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation 
(ii) Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

18). inflow of south-west monsoon?

Wolfram deposits are found in which place?
Degana (Rajasthan) 
Chendpathai (West Bengal).

Ukai dam project is situated on Tapi river.

Doons are long mountainous valleys.

Coromandel coastal area is wider than malabar coastal area.

Teesta is the tributary of [Brahmaputra]. It flows into Sikkim and West Bengal and joins the Brahmaputra in Bangladesh.

Coromandel Coast= A region of southeast India bounded by Bay of Bengal and Eastern Ghats.

Mountain ranges

In the north - Ladakh
                   - Zaskar
                   - Pir Panjal
In the South - Dhauladhar

[Hooghly River] forms the estuaries. 

During the south-west monsoon in India Inter Tropical Convergence Zone shifts–
towards north

Climate of which national park changes from tropical to subtropical, temperate and to north polar?
Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh

Neora Valley National Park is situated in West Bengal,

Thornthwaite climate classification System

Vegetation determined by precipitation effectiveness (P/E, where P is total monthly precipitation and E is total monthly evaporation)

*Rudra Prayag -  Mandakini and Alaknanda

Vishnu Prayag - Dhauli Ganga and Alaknanda 

(Karna Prayag -  Pindar and Alaknanda)

Dev Prayag - Bhagirathi and Alaknanda

The region b/w chotanagpur plateau and Shillong plateau is– [a oblique fault region], known as Malda Gap.

The syntaxial bend of Himalaya is near to–[Nanga Parvat Range]

The western axis of the Himalayas is close to the Nanga Parbat range. 

Bhabar belt is found in–

The hills of Nagaland is becoming arid rapidly due to– 
Shifting cultivation 

Dormant volcanoes at Narcondam Island.

Active volcano is found [Barren Island]

India’s most ancient volcanoes?
Dalma Range

Deccan Trap?
formed by fissure eruption or central eruption.
Basaltic in origin.
It was formed at the end of Cretaceous period.

Deccan plateau is formed as a result of volcanic activity from the Cretaceous to the Eocene period. It is a basalt formed plateau. It has been formed due to cracks and central emergence.

Through which pass Brahmaputra enters into India? 
Yangyap Pass

Aravali ranges are “great divider” between–
Indus and Ganga (Ganga tributaries)


Economic Geography

“Bread Basket”?
Temperate grasslands

a type of shifting cultivation?

Kryuvi Rih iron-ore basin 

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.

Bass strait in Australia is famous for–

Rat hole is associated with [Coal mining]

Which mineral is used for manufacturing pesticide, paint and bleaching powder?

factors responsible for the determination of the location of industries are–
– Minimum Production Cost

– Favorable Government Policy

– Availability of skilled workers

Which of the following pair of forest resources is animal product–
Lac and Wax

“Metal of Hope”? 

The adjoining area of a port which, provides services to it as well as receive services, is known as–
Hinter land

There are four types of iron ore

1. Magnetite

2. Hematite

3. Limonite

4. Siderite

What is Clathrate?
Methane gas trapped in ice 

 inventor of Biodiesel?
Jose de Sa Parente


Human Geography

Blond hair and blue eyes are specific characteristics of people from which region?
Nordic race

Which near to India culturally but near to China as human-race– 
South-East Asia

Mithun festival is celebrated by which of these tribes? 


Indian States & UTs

Which state in India receives winter rainfall from temperate cyclones?

Which state in India has made rain water harvesting mandatory for each house?
Tamil Nadu

Which of the following state of India has the highest extent of Continental Shelf–[Gujarat]
The most elaborate continental shelf is found in the Indian state of Gujarat. I

Gomia situated in Jharkhand is known for–
Explosive Factory

Palghat Gap
Madurai to Thiruvananthapuram

[Monazite] sand is found in the coastal areas of Kerala. From which thorium is obtained.

Manikarn Energy Plant based on geothermal energy is situated in–
[Himachal Pradesh]

(Agricultural Products)-   (Producing States)

Saffron-  Jammu and Kashmir

Maize - Maharashtra

Castor seed   -Andhra Pradesh

Sesame  - Rajasthan

The largest ship breaking yard in India is located in [Alang], Gujarat.

Dipar Lake – Assam

Kolleru Lake – Andhra Pradesh

**The country's longest cable bridge built on Narmada River in [Gujarat]

 India’s longest running metro project?
Delhi Metro

The country's first Disaster Management Training Institute was established in [Latur, Maharashtra].

Kuttanadu in Kerala is famous for–
Region of lowest point in India

(Places)                -   (Rivers) 

Srirangapatnam  -  Cauvery River 

Madurai ​  -   Vangai River 

Pune ​  -  Mutha River 

Ajmer is situated on the banks of the Luni River.

Chandigarh in India, is situated in the foothill of which mountains?
Shivalik Mountains

Which is the most populated Island in India?
Salsette Island

Hathini Kund Barrage located on yamuna river is joint project of [5 states]

Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi


UP Geography

Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute-  Jhansi.

Indian Institute of Sugar Technology - Kanpur.

National Botanical Research Institute- Lucknow.

Central Avian Research Institute - Izzatnagar.

Knowledge Park – Greater Noida

Cyber City – Kanpur

Tronica City – Ghaziabad

Leather Technology – Unnao

The first train in Uttar Pradesh was run between [Allahabad to Kanpur] in 1859. 

The first railway in India was run between Mumbai to Thane in 1853.

North India's first wildlife DNA bank was established in [Bareilly].

The Mint oil produced in Uttar Pradesh is extracted from leaves of which tree?

Kishan Bahi Yojana was implemented in Uttar Pradesh in–

Hathni Kund project in Uttar Pradesh is located on the [Yamuna River].

Rajghat dam is on the [Betwa River].

Rani Laxmi Dam – Betwa

Matatila Dam – Betwa

Gas based NTPC Plant in UP

A nuclear power plant is set up in [Narora], Uttar Pradesh. 
The plant is located in Bulandshahr district.

Uttar Pradesh has the highest crop area of gram.

Uttar Pradesh has the highest crop area of [gram].

Lucknow Plan is related to– 

Index-I    - Index-II
A. Allahabad-    Bamrauli

B. Kanpur-      Chakeri

C. Lucknow-  Amausi

According to the last census of 2011, the average population density of Uttar Pradesh is [829 persons] per sq km. 

According to the 2011 census, [Meerut] is district with the highest slum population of Uttar Pradesh.

Department of Archeology in Uttar Pradesh was established in – 

The main minerals found in Uttar Pradesh are– 
Rock phosphate and dolomite

 Operation Green Project was started in [2001] in Uttar Pradesh.
 to provide relief to farmers from losses.

Which part of Uttar Pradesh has highest percentage of irrigation facility– 
[Western region]

Uttar Pradesh is at top in the production of which of the following– 
[Sugarcane, Wheat, Potato] 

Where and when the Indian Maritime University was established? 
Chennai (2008)

How many districts of Uttar Pradesh share border with Nepal? 

[Seven districts] of Uttar Pradesh bordering Nepal

1. Maharajganj
2. Siddharth Nagar
3. Balrampur
4. Shravasti
5. Bahraich
6. Lakhimpur
7. Pilibhit

When was Diesel Locomotive Works established in Varanasi? 

{Rataul mango} is produced in [Saharanpur and Meerut] districts in Uttar Pradesh. 

It is also known as President Mango.

Which district in Uttar Pradesh has longest canal Network?

Sharda Canal is the longest canal in Uttar Pradesh. 

Which of the following city, is not situated on the right bank of Ganga?

Varanasi is situated on the left bank of the Ganga River, 
[Allahabad, Haridwar, Kanpu] cities are situated on right bank of Ganga River.

In Uttar Pradesh, what is the most important source of electricity generation?
[Thermal energy] 

smallest wildlife sanctuary of Uttar Pradesh is?
[Mahavir Swami Wildlife Sanctuary, Lalitpur]

2011 Census, which district in Uttar Pradesh has highest density of scheduled tribes?

 2011 census, which is the third largest religious group in Uttar Pradesh?

According to census 2011, how many cities in Uttar Pradesh have more than a million population? 

[7 cities]

1. Kanpur
2. Lucknow
3. Ghaziabad
4. Agra
5. Meerut
6. Allahabad
7. Varanasi 

In Uttar Pradesh, which of these crops has highest trade surplus?

Under what brand name Uttar Pradesh government exports potatoes to other states?
Taj brand

Which district of Uttar Pradesh is the most affected by Gully Erosion?

Gully is badly affected by erosion due to Chambal, Yamuna and its tributaries in central India. 

The soil in this region is very light and due to lack of vegetation cover, soil erosion happens very rapidly.Ravines with depths ranging from 15 to 20 feet are formed here.

Sonbhadra district is touched by–
[Borders of four states]

The boundary of Sonbhadra district touches Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

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