UPPCS: GS Full Mock Test (free)

UPPCS: GS Full Mock Test

The cause of measles disease is-
Morbilli Virus

Apart from blood group A, B, AB, O, a different factor has been found. 
Its name is [Rh factor], which obtained from Rhesus [monkey].

[Cytotron] is the plant from where [artificial weathering] is produced

The reason of astringency in amla is tannin,

Actively acquired immunity is the result of the production of [Antibodies]


World Geography

 cold ocean current
Humboldt Current

part of Aksai Chin
Karakoram Range

Patrnoster lakes are formed by [Glacial action]

Buran wind belongs to-
[Cool icy wind]
 Russia and Central Asia.

continent of Birds
South America

river originates near the equator

Highest salinity is found in-
Lake Van - Turkey

Salinity found in Turkey's Vaughan Lake 

who first began to build huts for shelter and cremated dead with rituals?
Neanderthal man

Where is the Baliaric Islands located?
Mediterranean Sea

river forms the boundary line between Russia and China?
Amur River

Mojaic Mission
Arctic Ocean


 Modern History

Ahmadiyya movement 
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed

Indian National Association- Anandamohan Bose
 Indian National Association also known as Indian Association

Poona Sarvajanik – MG Ranade Sabha

Montagu Declaration as a sunless dawn
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Charles Metcalfe is known as the liberator of newspapers in India.

During which Viceroy's rule, Rajagopalachari presented the C.R. Formula?
Lord Wavell

Congress President who held talks with both Crips Mission and Lord Wavell
Abul Kalam Azad

"Our ideal is self-sufficiency not mercy" Whose statement is this?
Bal Gangadhar Tilak

compared Gandhiji's Salt Satyagraha to Napoleon's Paris trip?
Subhash Chandra Bose

 recommendations are mentioned in the Nehru Report (1928)?

Gandhi's inspiration came from whose writings to run Civil Disobedience Movement?
[From the writings of Henry David Thoreau]


. Physics

The reason for Earth's magnetic field is-

By which method the earth’s age is measured?
Uranium dating method

paramagnetic substance example

to measure the absorbed or developed heat?

acoustic substance
quality of an acoustic substance is to produce sound. Where the frequency of sound is loud and high.

quality of an acoustic substance is to produce sound. 
 diverging lens.


water glass chemically?
Sodium silicate

metal is mainly found in polymetallic modules?


Money And Banking

Inflation benefits to-

third largest bank in India?


Indian Physical Geography

area of Puducherry is found divided
In Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh

Malajkhand - copper

Korba - Coal

Bisrampur – Coal

Jadugora – Uranium

[Mizoram] state has the highest number of ST rural families.


Economic Geography

 intensive agriculture 
Intensive farming is more prevalent in Indonesia.

most suitable crop for dry land?

Soo Canal connects
Huron - Superior

alloy ferro manganese
Iron and Manganese

Gold - Witwatersrand


Medieval History

Meera Bai was a contemporary of 
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

famous jurists of medieval India?

title of 'Zari Kalam' to
to [Muhammad Hussain] of Kashmir by Akbar.

Mongols invaded India under Genghis Khan?

Pirthu's terrible revolt in Awadh took place under


Ancient History

 travelers visited Nalanda University

‘Hiranya’ is the Vedic name of [gold metal].


Cultural History

Bengali patriotic Bible

In the Hindu religion, there are a total [8 types of marriages], which include Brahma, Daiva, Arya, Prajapatya, Asura, Gandharva, Raksha and Paishch Vivah.

Dharkari sect was founded by Ramdas 

Varkari sect was founded by Eknath.

father of the Nipakh movement was Dadu Dayal.

 Irish Method of Mural Paintings comes in India from-



Supreme Court is a Court of Records under Article 129 of the Constitution.

 Allahabad High Court established in 1866



Pink revolution is related to shrimp (fish)  production

Who determines the MSP
Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs


world's fastest supercomputer ‘summit’?

 Article 198 = Money Bill cannot be restored in the Legislative Council.

Institute (Botanical Survey of India) - Center (Kolkata)

Institute (Environment Education) - Center (Chennai Center)

Institute (Forest Productivity Center) - Center (Ranchi)

Indian Zoological Survey Center is in Kolkata,

Tiger Status Report
number of tigers in India 

India's most important mineral-rich rock system is-
Dharwad system

administration of the tribal region of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram State,

Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary reserved for tigers?

Indian President who termed secularism of India as a stable religion? 
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

National income in India is calculated by
Central Statistical Organization

father of Indian forestry?
Detrich Bradys

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