UPPCS: GS Full Test 1

33 inscriptions
The Edicts of Ashoka are in total 33 inscriptions written on the Pillars, boulders and cave walls of Mauryan Period.

How many pillar edicts are in Ashoka?

Why Rummandei inscription of Ashoka is important for us?


1. Ashoka's name is mentioned in [Maski, Gurjara, Nettur, Udegolam]. So far more than 40 inscriptions have been obtained from him. 

Harrappa - R-37 Grave yard 

Lothal - Elephant tooth scale 

Kalibangan - Cultivated Field 

Mohenjodaro is famous for the idol of the dancer

Dockyard is related to Lothal.

[Vishnu Purana] is related to Maurya Dynasty 

Vayu Purana is related to Gupta Dynasty and 

Matsya Purana is related to Andhra Satavahana Dynasty.

total number of Vedangs?
The number of Vedangas is 6, which is as follows- Education, kalpa, nirukta, grammar, stanza, astrology were created to understand the Vedas. 


Modern History

[Charter Act of 1793]
provided for the payment of salaries etc. of the members and employees of the Board of Control of the company out of the Indian revenue.

India and Fuedlism – B.R. Ambedkar

Khilafat to Partition - Moin Shakir

original name of Maratha Sardar Nana Phadnavis's was
Balaji Janardan Bhanu

Hali System was related to
Bonded labor

In which session did the Congress announce its policy towards the Indian princely states for the first time? 
Nagpur session 
demanded from the rulers that a full and responsible government be given to the subjects.

Which of the following are known as Bombay Trimurti? 
Mehta, Telang, Tyabj

Ferozeshah Mehta, K.T. Taillang and Badruddin Tayabji

High Priest of Communism in India? 
J. L. Nehru

journalists is a biographer of Mahatma Gandhi? 
Louis Fisher 

 sequence of major treaties under the Anglo-Maratha wars-

Treaty of Surat - In 1775, Treaty of BadGaon - In 1779, Treaty of Salbai - In 1782 and Treaty of Mandsaur - In 1818

date when Black hole Tragedy happened
June 20, 1756

which Viceroys is known as Owen Meredith.

 India Reform Committee was established in England by 
Dadabhai Naoroji

 father of the British Indian Army?
Major stringer Lawrence

Arya Mahila Sabha was founded by
Pandita Ramabai


Indian Physical Geography

separated by Malda gap? 
Indian Peninsula and Meghalaya Plateau

Krishna, Tungabhadra and Kaveri rivers flow through which plateau? 
Karnataka Plateau

Chhotanagpur Plateau
Telangana Plateau

water divide between the Indus Plain and the Ganges Plain 
[Ambala] is the city located on the water divide between Indus and Ganga river systems.

Mysterious lake
Rupkund Lake 

Among the lakes of Assam, Chandubi lake, [Chapanala lake], Haflong lake etc. are prominent. 

The black cotton soil is rich in [Montmorillonite]

Narmada flow through? 
3 states

located on the banks of the Mandakini river?
Gaurikund, Ramwara and Guptkashi 

[Govindghat] is a town in Chamoli district, Uttarakhand, located at confluence of [Alaknanda and Lakshman Ganga rivers].

correct sequence hills moving from south to north - 
Satmala (Maharashtra), 

Kaimur Hills - Madhya Pradesh, 

Naga Hills (Indo-Myanmar border) 

Pir Panjal Range (Jammu and Kashmir).

Cedar trees are found in the western Himalayas

 Sal trees-  found mainly in the sub-Himalayan region

Pongamia pinnata is used as  biodiesel.

[Pongamia Pinnata], Karanja, Ratanjot etc. are used as biodiesel.

The Kalpong Hydroelectric Project is located at 
In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands 

Leh is the least rainy place in India

Which of the following rivers cross the three ranges of the Himalayas?



 for making utensils shiny? 
Zinc oxide

Other oxides used to make things shiny are: Silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, borium oxide, sodium oxide etc.

Sea weeds are an important source of which of the following?

 compound used in making fireproof cloths? 
Aluminum sulfate

Best growth in plants occur at which PH value?
6 – 7.5

Gasohole is a mixture of gasoline and ethanol 

main component of opium is-

Which metal is found in Myoglobin? 

Myoglobin is a protein commonly found in muscular tissues of vertebrate animals.

CNG - Methane, Ethane

LPG - Butane, Propane

Coal gas - hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide.

Water Gas - Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen

Lewis acid= AlCl3, BF3, FeCl3

NH3 is a Lewis alkali.

General characteristics of oxides of third and fourth group is [Basic and Acidic]. These oxides are [amphoteric]. 

Lisa is obtained from–
pine tree 


 Science Miscellaneous

 Council  for Advancement of People’s Actions and Rural Technology (CAPART)

headquarter -New Delhi 

book ‘Free Trade Today’
Jagdish Bhagwati 

Which of the following does not have National Museum of Natural History?

Natural History Museum was established in [Delhi] in 1978, 
later it was established in many parts of the country like - South Zone - [Mysore], 
Central Region - [Bhopal], Eastern Region - [Bhubaneswar[. 

Swadesh Darshan Scheme

first tribal circuit project inaugurated- Chhattisgarh


 Physical Geography

What kind of natural disaster a Blizzard is?

current of the Indian Ocean? 
Agulhas Current - hot stream
Mozambique Current - warm
South Indian Ocean Current 

Benguela current is a cold current -- Southern Atlantic Ocean.

(Islands)-   (Possessing  Countries)
Aleutian - USA, 

Bear Island - Norway, 

Greenland - Denmark, 

Franz Josef Island - Russia. 

Country with the largest water area? 

Russia, USA and India is placed at second, third and 4th respectively.

connected by Foveaux Strait?
Tasman Sea and Java Sea 

Whose geographical location is near New Zealand.

word monsoon is derived from which language? 


Medieval History

famous medieval saint Shankaradeva was related to-

He propagated the Bhakti movement in Assam. He was a contemporary of Chaitanya.

Main creator of the Peacock throne, which was built at the behest of Shah Jahan? 
Be Badal Khan

famous Jain Acharya honored by Akbar?
Harivijay Suri 

Harivijaya Suri was honored by Akbar and Akbar conferred him with the title of ‘Jagat Guru’.

main theme of ‘Hamza Nama’ of Mughal era is

Sikh Gurus started ‘Gurmukhi’? 
Guru Angad

by the second Sikh Guru Angad.

 Guru Granth Sahib was first compiled by the Fifth Sikh Guru, Arjan Dev, 

“Dewan-i-Amir Kohi” department

who translated Hitopadesh into Persian?

Tajul mali

Diwan-i-Mustakharaj of Sultanate era?
Finance Department



Who wrote ‘A History of Agriculture in India’? 
M.S. Randhawa 

nodal agency of Central Government in respect of pulses, oilseeds, vegetables and spices?


[Amber box] subsidy is given for the purpose of encouraging production. 

Tricolor Revolution"
Saffron Energy Revolution

White Revolution

Blue revolution

>Pink Revolution is an independent revolution for onion / medicine / shrimp production.

leading fruit producing state in India?
Andhra Pradesh



Yellow fever spreads through

a microbial virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes [aedes acgypties]. 

detoxification of alcohol? 

The liver explores harmful substances through complex chemical reactions.

The liver is a large, meaty organ that sits on the right side of the belly.

Long-term fasting has the greatest effect on the [kidneys]. 

Pyril is a pest of which crop?
Sugar cane

The silk fibers, hair follicles, feather follicle nails and claws are made of– 



 Environment (General)

Who first used the term Deep Ecology?
Arne Naess

India's first Marine National Park is located in-
Gulf of [Kutch] in Jamnagar district of Gujarat.

What type of pollution is prevented by the use of green muffler?
Sound (Noise)

nitrogen fixing organism? 


UP Special Science

National Chamber of Industry and Commerce

North Central Regional Cultural Center is located at-

National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development is located at 

The state emblem of Uttar Pradesh have-



 mango variety is obtained from the crossing of Dussehri and Neelam? 


Which fruits is the mostly used above for making jelly? 

Which treatments is latest for the treatment of all types of cancer?
Acute intensity modulated radiation therapy 

IMRT i.e. Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

Iodine-131 - Treatment of thyroid tumors

Phosphorus-32 - treatment of white blood

Gold-198- radioactive isotope of gold used in cancer treatment. 

What does Biochip contain?
RNA, DNA and Protein


Polity Miscellaneous

How long was special provision for SC, ST and Anglo-Indians made in India in beginning?


Extended till 2020 by the 95th Constitutional Amendment of 2009.

Who determines the qualifications of the members of the Finance Commission?

The eligibility of the members of the Finance Commission (Article-280) is decided by the Parliament.


In relation to the constitution of the Lok Sabha, a provision has been made in [two Articles namely 81 and 331] of the Constitution. 

The original constitution fixed the number of members of the Lok Sabha at 500. But later it was increased.

Appropriation Bill? 
 introduced by the Finance Minister. 

 It is introduced in the Lok Sabha, it gives the government the statutory power to spend. 


Inside trading is related to-
Stock market

Share Swap stands for–
A company acquires each other and uses its stock to pay for the acquired entity.

A share swap means when a company acquires other company and uses the stock to pay for the acquired entity.

The main function of the International Bank of Settlement is-
A bank for central banks

 It has an office in Basel Switzerland.


In the given option, silver has the highest electrical conductivity.


main objective of the Fifth Five Year Plan was-  [1974 to 1979]

Eradication of poverty 
Economic dependence 

 based on the D.P. Dhar model.

National Development Council formed in India? 
August 6, 1952

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan begin
 9th Five Year Plan (1997-2002).

started in 2001 under the 86th Constitutional Amendment.


right to property a legal right?


 author of ‘Kissa Radha Kanhaiya’?
Wajid Ali Shah

The ‘Surkhi’ in Indian architecture started in-
The Kushan period

Who among the following is authorized to  prorogue the Lok Sabha?

Lok Sabha is concluded by adjournment, prorogation or dissolution. 
Lok Sabha is adjourned by Speaker while prorogation and dissolution is done by the President.

prorogue= Discontinue a session of without dissolving it.

The office of the Prime Minister of India-
Is constituted by the Constitution.

 concept of concurrent list

 provision of important consolidated funds of the Government of India related to the budget? 
Article 266 (1)

 This fund is credited to all receipts and all payments are kept under expenditure. 

In which part of the Indian constitution>>Gram Panchayats been set up?



The makers of the Indian Constitution were influenced by [Irish Republic] in representing talent, experience and service in the formation of the Rajya Sabha.

Which decade had the highest population growth rate in India? 

Union Ministry of Environment has selected [12 beaches] for Blue Flag certification which are as follows

When did the Gender Budget start in India? 

Under 124th Amendment Bill, [Articles 15 and 16] have been amended.

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