UPPCS: GS Full Test 3

UPPCS: GS Full Test 3

Science Miscellaneous

Bharat-Bharati Award related to?
highest award given by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan.

 National Emblem of India:
 Lion Capital of Ashoka at Sarnath

{four Asiatic Lions} standing back to back on a circular abacus. The abacus has sculptures of an elephant, a horse, a bull and a lion.

who gave the idea of ‘fading women’?
Amartya Sen

Which section of the Information Technology Act, 2000 deals with cyber crime?
Section 66(F)

 National Institute for the Visually Handicapped

 National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped - Kolkata, 
National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped - Secunderabad. 


 Modern History

The Script of Quit India proposal was written by [Mahatma Gandhi] himself.

Which areas provided by the British to the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II?
Kada and Allahabad

territory of Kada and Allahabad was given from Nawab Shujauddaula of Awadh to Shah Alam II.

Nadir Shah’s invasion over India took place during

[Muhammad Shah] Rangeela.

Nadir Shah, known as "Napoleon of Persia"

who were pioneers in starting maritime trade with India?

English East India Company start the policy of dual administration in 1765 AD?
West Bengal

In this diarchy system, the work of civil matters (Deewani) was mainly done by Indians.

British Company was given the zamindari of

British power in India begins with the Battle of Buxar. Whose statement is this?
Ramsay Muir

Where did Hyder Ali establish a modern arsenal?

The indigenous steam navigation company was founded by [V.O. Chidambaram Pillai].

In the permanent settlement the landlords had their share-

In 1793, the Cornwallis implemented a permanent settlement or zamindari system.


The first textile mill was started in 1854 AD in Mumbai.

As soon as the industry started in India, there was a glut of foreign capital. 
In [Cotton cloth] industries, Indian capital was highest

Which is related to Loyal Commission?

In 1897, Viceroy Lord Elgin II, constituted Famine Commission under chairmanship of Sir {James Loyal}. 

This Commission supported the recommendation of {Strachey Commission}.

Cornwallis Code was used in 1793

Pitt's India Act was introduced in 1784. 

First session of the Indian Kisan Congress

[All India Kisan Congress] was established in Lucknow, on April 11, 1936 whose first session was held in Lucknow. 


World Geography

Descending order of planets in terms of size

[Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune], Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury.

land of thousand lakes

Atakama Desert is in South America.

Great Victoria – Australia

Under which hypothesis Earth’s core is considered solid? 
[Pharynx hypothesis]

while {tidal hypothesis & aerial nebula hypothesis} consider core part of Earth to be liquid. 

What is called “The Zone of Low velocity”?
Upper Mantle

low-velocity zone (LVZ) 
occurs close to the boundary between the {lithosphere and the asthenosphere in the upper mantle}. It is characterized by unusually {low seismic shear wave velocity}

is highly viscous, mechanically weak & ductile region of upper mantle of Earth. 

It lies below lithosphere, at depths b/w approximately 80 and 200 km (50 and 120 miles) below the surface.

A [buffalo wallow] or bison wallow is a natural topographical depression in flat {prairie land} that holds rain water and runoff.
It appear in [America]

point of minimum temperature at boundary between mesosphere and thermosphere.

Due to lack of solar heating and very strong radiative cooling from carbon dioxide, the mesosphere is coldest region on Earth with temperatures as low as -100 °C.

descending order of salinity found in seawater:

Sodium chloride > magnesium chloride > magnesium sulfate.

Quantity of salts found in seawater
Sodium Chloride - 27.2 grams

Magnesium chloride - 3.8 grams

Ice caps 
are miniature ice sheets. 

Like icefields, ice caps cover [less than 50,000 sq. Km.].

Unlike icefields, ice caps completely blanket the underlying land features.

‘Solftara’ is formed from

Solfatara= Volcanic crater in Italy

 most marshy area in the world? 
Sudan Basin

The river that flows through four capitals in Europe is-

Danube River is 2nd longest river in Europe. 
It originates from Black Forest Mountain Region of Germany & falls into Black Sea. 

It flows through 4 capital cities= Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade.

El-Nino stream flows along
West Coast of South America


Cultural History

 translated into forty foreign languages is-

Mrs. N. Rajam is associated with violin

 Pagal panthi was a semi-religious sect run by [Karamshah] in North Bengal.

 not been given the status of classical language in India?
Assamese language does not have the status of classical language.

Mitra Mela was established by V.D. Savarkar (1899), Which was later named Abhinav Bharat.

Anushilan Samiti - Varinder Kumar Ghosh

Author of the text ‘Khanda Khaddhak’ is-
[Brahm Gupta]
famous Indian mathematician. 

father of leap year (leap year)?
Julius Caesar

Aitareya Brahmin & Kaushtikya Brahmin are related to [Rigveda]. 

Taittariya & Shatapatha Brahmin are related to Yajurveda. 



 bio-molecules is a type of protein?
[Keratin] is a type of protein found in human nails and hair. 

 study of ‘aging process’?

 crops is affected by ‘Ara fly’ insect?

hormone that grows a dwarf plant and helps the plant to produce a flower?

 smallest muscle of human body is-

Vitamin B5 - Pentanoic Acid

Vitamin B7 - Biotin

Vitamin D - Calciferol 

Vitamin E - Tocopherol

 diseases is caused by arsenic toxin in drinking water?

 animals emits solid urine?
Kangaroo Rat

The living creatures in the desert are called ‘Xerocole’. 
The kangaroo rat does not have a sweat gland thus it does not emit water in any way.


UP Special Science

[15 villages] of 15 districts of Uttar Pradesh have been selected as Ayush villages.

[Peacock Dance]- related to Uttar Pradesh.

puppet dance- related to Rajasthan.

present Speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly?
Hriday Narayan Dixit

Uttar Pradesh is home to [16.51% of total population] of the country. 

UP Child Progress Index 2019 
Which district has topped in  Uttar Pradesh
Gautam Buddha Nagar


 Indian Physical Geography

‘dam of Allah’ located?
Bay of Kutch

 location of Kanyakumari in India is-
North of the equator

 father of the Blue Revolution in India is-
Arun Krishnan

Jharkhand - Tilaiya Project

Karnataka - Shiva Samudra Project 

Tamil Nadu - Paikara Project + Papnasham project

The top Indian states in iron ore production are respectively-
Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Jharkhand


Economic Development and Planning

 Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana - 2000

Employment Guarantee Scheme - 2006

National Literacy Campaign / Mission – 1988

credit rating agency in India? 
Crisil, Care, Ecra

Bharat Nirman is a programme to develop [Indian Rural Life]

On 15 August 1995, the mid-day meal scheme was launched for [universalization of primary education]. 
This is a center sponsored scheme. 

CAPART is a self-financing organization,  which function under [Ministry of Rural Development]. 

The meaning of hyper inflation is-
When rate of inflation is more than a [three-digit per annum].

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana was launched in April 2015. [Three types of loans] are given in Mudra scheme

1. Shishu Loan (up to 50 thousand rupees)

2. Kishore Loan - 50 thousand to 5 lakh

3. Tarun Loan from 5 lakh to 10 lakh. 


. Medieval History

During [Ramdas], the 4th Guru of the Sikhs, the post of Guru became heriditary. 

He was a contemporary of Akbar and son-in-law of Guru Amardas.

Sardeshmukhi was a [tax taken by Shivaji from Deshmukhas] or local rulers, 
he used to take 1/10th of their income as land tax.

At the time of Ellenborough, [Slave System] was abolished by Govt of India Act  V of 1843 AD.

[M. G. Ranade] founded {Widow Marriage Association} in Mumbai in 1861.


 Money and Banking

SMART Money Is the term used for [credit cards].

'Union Bank of India' was inaugurated by [Mahatma Gandhi].

Commercial Paper is a source of credit for [corporate industry]

After [Pakistan and Tanzania], India is the third country in the world to set up women's banks.



Tomato contains about 10 types of acids. 
Malic acid, oxalic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid - are the main. 

[Hot alumina] is used as a catalyst to make ether from alcohol. 

Unemployment found mostly in developing countries and underdeveloped countries including India is [structural]. 

The main reason for structural unemploymen= mismatch of skills b/w unemployed & available jobs.

Literacy is not used to estimate the poverty line.

 Viceroys started the budget system in India?
Lord Canning



Alta Bista is a-
Search engine

European Space Research Organization (ESRO)

Headquarter- Paris. 

Missile that gets energy from ramjet technology? 
BrahMos Missile


Fundamental Right and Duties

Under which article does Govt of India carry out disaster management and relief work keeping ‘Parens Patriac Doctrine in mind? 
[Article 21]

Where is the principle of gender equality described in the Indian Constitution? 

Fundamental Rights


Central Executive and Parliament

[Sarojini Naidu] was first female governor of India. >>Governor of Uttar Pradesh from 1947 to 1949.

Money bill can be introduced in any state-
In Legislative Assembly only

as per Article-198 (1) of the Constitution


Chairman of the first Administrative Reforms Commission who, talked about the formation of Lokpal very first?
[Morarji Desai]

 First Administrative Reforms Commission was chaired by Morarji Desai. It was formed in 1966.

When was the Election Commission first issued the model code of conduct for the election?
In the year 1971

The Ranbir Penal Code is related to
J & K


percentage of China in the total gold production of the world?
13 percent

Copper - Chile

Lead - australia

Petroleum Crude - Venezuela

Natural Gas - Russia

 first three countries in global tobacco production?
China, Brazil, India

Age of oilseed plant Ratnjot, which is used as biodiesel, is

Age of oilseed plant Ratnjot, which is used as biodiesel, is
[40 - 50 years]

Ratanjot is an ever green and fast growing plant. 

Which Mauryan officer was in charge of measurement?

father of surgery in India?

A photon is
A quantum of light energy

The aircraft works–
on principle of Barnauli

Inter-State Council established in India?

Article 263, for establishing coordination between the Center and the States. 

Constituent Assembly adopt the national anthem?
January 24, 1950

 first sung at the Calcutta Session of Congress on 27 December 1911.

Insectivorous plants grow in the soil, that lacks

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