UPPCS Prelims 2018 (Topics)

As a result of global warming

example of in-situ conservation

Ultra-violet radiation from sun light

 Norman Borlaug

(a) Renneting-Cheese
(b) Genetic Engineering-Plasmids
(c) Golden rice-Vitamin A

*National Park in India- Map

Double-helical structure of DNA

Which electro magnetic radiations has the maximum energy?

Methane is emitted from

semi conductor?

 How many types of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity 

NITI Ayog?

 extra-constitutional agency

recommendations of Sarkaria Commission

Council of States has exclusive powers in relation to

Various Parts of constitution

provisions relating to citizenship?         

Which Amendment by a simple majority of its members

Grounds of Disqualification of a Member of Parliament from either House

[60 days of absence] from Parliament without permission

Which Governor General ridiculed Congress represents only a microscopic minority of people?

*Hima Das

*Mary Kom 

*brand ambassador of Some big Govt Companies

*Supreme Courts judgement regarding homosexuality

Supersonic Cruise Missile BrahMos

*Latest President elected of other country ? (3- 4 months earlier)

Panama Papers

*National Register of Citizen (NRC) 

*Dr. Harshvardhan inaugurated (3- 4 months earlier)

(Samudra Gupta's Contemporary Kings of South India)-    (Their Kingdoms)
A. Dhananjaya     
B. Nilaraja    
C. Ugrasena
D. Vishnugopa

Sites related to Indus Valley are situated in Uttar Pradesh?

belonged to foreign trade?

translated into Persian during the medieval period.

early chisti sufis were fond of musical assemblies called,

@Which inscriptions
gives the information about two Ashwamedha Yajnas performed by the King Pushyamitra Shung?

@term 'chakla' has been used in Medieval Indian History

term 'Sarkar' used in Medieval Indian History


Maratha claim of revenue for protection
Sardesh Mukhi 

mosque 'Khair- ul Manazil'  opposite to the Purana Qila in Delhi

khair ul manzil built by

Freedom struggle 1857 [places & Leadership]

  State    -       Ruler
(a) Devgiri       
(b) Warangal       
(c) Hoysal         Veer Ballal
(d) Madura        Veer Pandya

Mughal rulers after Aurangzeb (chronological order)

concept of 'Global Village' 

In which of the followin hill
temple of Lord Venkateshwar (Tirupati)

Thar desert is the expanse of

Rivers originate from the Western Ghats

Rivers originate NOT from the Western Ghats

In Up, lowest female literacy rate as per 2011 census?

@varieties of grapes
varieties of Guava 
varieties of Orange

@States          Highest Peak
A. Kerala       
B. Nagaland     
C. Uttarakhand  
D.Tamil Nadu    

leading producer of Iodine in the world?

states has the lowest child sex-ratio both in Rural and Urban areas?

 states has the largest rural population?
Uttar Pradesh

#chronological order of their origin on the earth 
1. First reptiles
2. First insects
3. Shelled animals
4. First mammals.

fixes the poverty line In India?
Planning Commission (Now Niti Ayog)

States ranks first in India in length of roads?

Direct Tax Code in India is related to

@Headquarters of the 'Green Peace International' 

*According to UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs
what percentage of world's total population is currently living in urban areas?


secondary pollutant

 Coral reefs

 [Lac] obtained from insects

decibel level

 *United Nations Conference on climate change (COP)

*India's first National Action Plan on Climate Change

 main component of the natural gas?

 *largest emitter of CO2

*natural disaster
Natural disasters In 2020
 Mangroves Advantage

has the highest velocity ?
Which Ray has highest velocity?

Nano structure of carbon

Peroxyacetyl nitrate
eye irritant in the smoke

Richest source of Vitamin

atmospheric pollution ?

Public Interest litigation

 *author of the book

meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India

 last meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India.
 24 Jan. 1950

establish the independent Ministry for 'Women and Child Development' ?

maximum representation from the Union Territories to Lok Sabha?

 *FIFA World Cup 

*United Nation's E-Govemment Index

Index released by United Nation

*Prakash Javadekar launched
Prakash Javadekar inaugurated

[In which city]

 *Global Peace Index (GPI),

*Minimum Support Price (MSP) for paddy

*Magsaysay Award winner

 *BRICS' Summit {in which country}

Yajurveda Samhitas

Turkish invasions on India

Arrange the following temples in a chronological order 
I. Brihdishwar temple
II. Gangaikonda cholapuram temple
III. Shore temple of Mahabalipuram
IV. Sapt pagoda

 lnscrlptlon of Hathigumpha is the source of

Muslim League withdrew its acceptance of

Interim Government of India
 The Muslim League joined the interim government formed in 1946.

evidence of domestication of animals in the Mesolithic period?

@(a) Adina Masjid     -  Malda, West Bengal
(b) Lal Darwaza Masjid - Jaunpur
(c) Dakhil Darwaza - Gaour
(d) Tin Darwaza     - Ahmedabad

@(b) Nabhadas - Bhaktamal
(c) रसिकप्रिया - आचार्य केशवदास
(d) Usman – Chitrawali

 Arrange the following events in their chronological order
A. Hunter Commission
B. Sadlar Commission
C. Wood's Despatch
D. Sargeant Plan

'Abhinav Bharat Society' ?

@ (Rebellion)    (Year)
(a) Santhal    1855
(b) Kol       1831
(c) Khasi     1829
(d) Ahom    

waterfall in India?

'Vegetation is the true index of climate'

grasslands situated in which countries

     Desert                Country
    (a)     Sonoran       -  USA
    (b)     Taklamakan  -  China
    (c)     Karakum     -   Turkmenistan
    (d)     Gibson 

countries in descending order of their coffee production

How much_ maritime distance between India and Europe reduced after the construction of Suez Canal?

Indian Meteorological Headquarters in Chronological order of their establishment

A. New Delhi
C. Shimla
B. Kolkata
D. Pune

 Black soil

 soil is found in Himalayan region

delta in World and India

*Human Development Index (HDI)

 Lorenz curve?

 taxes is levied by the Gram Panchayats ?

 Five Year Plans was launched with a focus on sustainable growth?

*Smart City Development Programme
Cities in UP

*current Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of India according to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS)

committees was set up in India for identification of BPL families in Urban Areas?
Hashim Committee

 *India State of Forest Report, 

anthropogenic biome

*India's first National Centre for Marine Biodiversity (NCMB)

Which animal in national parks
Dachigam National Park= Hangul or Kashmir Stag

*World Biodiversity Day 



 maximum concentration of ozone is found in

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