UPPCS Prelims 2015 Current (Topics)

Helpline “Udyami” is meant for:
Micro, small and medium enterprises

solar power plant a 4000 MW capacity is planned to be set-up in

The ‘Nalanda-Project’ is a programme of the Ministry of:

Which among the following has launched ‘Virtual-Clusters’ web portal?
[Ministry] of Micro, small and Medium Enterprises

International Economic Organisations & India
A) W. T. O.
B) I. M. F. =To provide finance to correct equilibrium in balance of Payments.

D) I. D. A.

A new chapter on sustainable development and cliamate change was first introduced in the Economic Survey of:

 country_largest producer of copper

Who has written the book titled “faces and places” which was release by The Vice President of India in March, 2015?

Which of the following is reported to have found in march, 2015 biologically useful nitrogen on Mars?
Curiosity Rover

As reported in the journal “Tectonophysi” in March 2015, the world’s largest know asteroid impact zone is located in

Who amongst the following tookover as the Chairman of the Empowered Committee of state Finance Ministers on ‘GST’ in March, 2015?

Which of the following became, in March 2015, the first high court to announce setting up of dedicated commercial benches?

rank of India in the open Government Index 2015 prepared by the World Justice Project.

Which one of the following was successfully launched by India in December 2014?

“Operation All out” of the Indian Army has been launched in January 2015 agaist?

The terrorist group “ Al-Shabaad’ massacred 147 people in Arpil 2015 in Garissa University, which is located in

Which country has not participated in operation “Storm of Resolve” being conducted in Yemen?

The [magnetic observatory] which was inaugurated on 30th March 2015 is located at

Which one of the following states launched is February 2015 a “[dolphin Census]” in the coastal eco-system and shorelines of state?

BhalchandraNemade was selected in February 2015 for which one of following awards?
[Gyanpith Award]

In February 2015, [for the first time], as trial of driverless car was conducted simultaneously in four cities of:

Persons in News
recipients of Prawasi Bhartiya Samman 2015

author of the book “AatankkeSaye Me”, which was released by the Vice President of India in March, 2015?

Which amongst the following countries has appointed Justice S.K. Sinha as its Chief Justice in January, 2015?

theme of the 19th “National Youth Festival” held in January,2015?

Which state launched the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS) in February 2015
Himachal Pradesh

Which of the following programmes aims form its completion by 2nd October 2019?
Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan

Earth-Hour’ was observed in the year 2015 on
On the initiative of World Wide Fund for Nature

*World Toilet Day= 19th November
United Nations announces the anniversary of the World Toilet Day on 19th November every year

U.P. Cabinet in Dec, 2014 gave its permission for conducting a fesibility study and preparing a detailed project report for running metros in four cities.
Which city amongst the following is not included amongst these four?



According to the Census of India, 2011 the percentage growth of population in country during the period of 2001-2011 was:

As per Census-2011, the literacy rate of Uttar Pradesh is

sex-ratio in India as per 2011 Census?
943 per thousand males

percentage of population of Uttar Pradesh to India’s population as per Census 2011?


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