How To Write Stylish & Colorful Text In Whatsapp Message

In this post you will learn how to write colorful and stylish text on whatsapp. some are some tricks that will help you to type fancy texts on whatsapp chat. Actually there are no direct feature in whatspp for writing text in color and stylish font.
But after reading this post you will be able to write in stylish font like Bold, Italic, colorful and many fancy text.

(1.) Write stylish font-

1. Bold font –
To make any word or sentence bold on whatsapp just add * before and after the word /sentence.
*Bold Text* = Bold Text
*Best Writing* = Best Writing

2. Italic font
For making any text in italic, you need to add underscore ( _ ) before and after the text.
_Italic Text_ =
_Best Writting_

3.Strike Through –
You can strike any text in whatsapp message by adding ~ before and after the sentence.
e.g. ~Strike Through~

(2) Change Font Size In whatsapp
1. Open your whatspp and then press Menu Button
2. Go to setting followed by chat setting. then click at Font Size.
3. There you can select small, medium, large font Size.

(3) Best android app to write Colorful and stylish Font
You can also use an app called ‘ColorMyText – Color Social MSG’ to write fancy colored text on whatsapp, facebook or any other social sites.
Write Stylish Text On whatsapp
You can download this app from Google play store. this is very useful and having 50 different colors, 40 different backgrounds and 30 different font types. You can choose according to your need.
You can easily create your desired fancy colorful text.And copy it to paste fantastic text anywhere.
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